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Operations-Friendly Windows Services

by João Miranda on  Oct 07, 2013

DevOps on Windows has for the last few months been running a series on how a developer can create an operations-friendly Windows Service. The series explains how to overcome the most important hurdles from an operations viewpoint: installation of the Windows Service and its start-up phase. The series finishes with a simple framework that tries to overcome those hurdles in a standard way.

WiX v3.7 - MSBuild, Self Update and Reference Counting

by Anand Narayanaswamy on  Dec 31, 2012

The recently released WiX 3.7 includes support for MSBuild, self update and reference counting

Windows Installer Adds Support for Multi-Package Transactions

by Jonathan Allen on  Aug 29, 2007

Version 4.5 of Windows Installer, which is currently in beta, has added support for multi-package transactions as well as many other features.