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  • Surface SDK 2.0 Targets Windows Touch Devices

    With Microsoft Surface SDK 2.0 one can write applications for both Surface and Windows Touch devices.

  • Visual Basic is Losing Its Runtime Library

    The rather extensive runtime library used by Visual Basic and its compiler has been a major stumbling block for the language. Both the Windows Phone 7 and the XBox 360 don’t support the library, making clumsy workarounds necessary. With Visual Basic 10 SP 1, Microsoft once again tries to get it right.

  • .NET’s Platform Divergence Problem

    For many years the platform dependency issues in .NET we very easy to understand. Almost everything people used was marked as either compatible with .NET Compact Edition or with the full edition. Aside from .NET Micro, which hardly anyone used, there wasn’t much else to worry about. But now that there is over a dozen active frameworks to choose from, the situation has grown quite complex.

  • Windows Phone 7 has put the .NET Language Coevolution Promise in Doubt

    In 2009 Microsoft’s Lucas Bolognese announced a commitment to co-evolution for C# and Visual Basic. And the productization of F#, some have assumed it extends to that language as well. But by only offering C# in the initial release of WP7, this promise has been brought into doubt.

  • Zune Game Development with XNA Game Studio 3.0

    Microsoft has announced the upcoming XNA Game Studio 3.0 which will support developing games for the entire family of Zune media devices. XNA will bridge the PC, Xbox and Zune platforms to the extent that a game written for one of the platforms will run on all of them.

  • XNA Game Studio 2 Released

    The second edition of XNA Game Studio has been released for Visual Studio 2005.

  • Beta for XNA Game Studio Released with Support for Networked Games

    XNA Game studio is a game development toolkit that supports both Windows and the XBox 360. The initial edition was targeted directly at hobbyists and released as an extension to C# Express Edition. The beta for XNA 2.0 brings the toolkit closer to the world of professional developers.

  • Introducing Farseer - An Open Source Physics Engine for Silverlight and XNA

    In the modern push for showier and more interactive interfaces, it is inevitable that real-time animation is asked for from time to time. When this animation involves objects on the screen bouncing off each-other or being affected by gravity, a physics engine is a must. The Farseer Physics Engine addresses this need. We interviewed Jeff Weber, designer of Farseer.

  • XNA Game Studio Express Releases

    XNA Game Studio Express was released early this morning. Now developers can create games for the Xbox 360 and play them in the same day on their own console.