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  • Firefox Quantum Commits to Cross-Browser Extension Architecture

    With the Firefox 57 “Quantum” release, Firefox now only supports extensions based on the WebExtensions API, joining Chrome and Edge in supporting extension development with pure HTML, CSS, and JavaScript based on a cross-browser shared extension architecture.

  • New Thin Server Architecture and SOFEA Working Group Web Site Launched

    Peter Svensson, Ganesh Prasad, and Mario Valente have teamed up to create the Thin Server Architecture Working Group and launched a web site. The site included several resources about Thin Server Architecture and Service Oriented Front End Applications (SOFEA) as well as insight into the philosophy behind the technology.

  • XUL: What the web should look like?

    Last week we ran a short piece on the future of rich client frameworks. At the time we over-looked XUL as a proprietary language for Mozilla add-ons. It seems that was a mistake. With a bit of publicity and polish, XUL could very well give WPF/E and Adobe Flex a run for their money.