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  • GitLab Aquires Public Chat Software Gitter

    The open source git provider, GitLab, has aquired Gitter, a Slack alternative. There are no plans to combine the two products, but Gitter will be open sourced by the middle of 2017. The goal for GitLab is to drive growth by getting in front of Gitter's 800,000+ users.

  • NoSQL Shake-Up. Membase and CouchOne merge into Couchbase

    The shape of the NoSQL landscape is changing. The first big market aggregation took place with the merger of Membase Inc. with CouchOne into Couchbase. InfoQ spoke with James Phillip and Damien Katz about the benefits of the merger and future products.

  • Verizon Expands Cloud Computing Portfolio with Terremark Acquisition

    Verizon Communications Inc. acquires Terremark Worldwide Inc., an operator of data centers, for $1.4bn in a move to boost its cloud strategy. Does this move change the market dynamics in the Cloud IaaS space? Opinions range from highly optimistic to pessimistic and everything in between.

  • Appcelerator Buys Aptana

    Appcelerator, the company behind the Titanium application development platform, has acquired Aptana. Aptana Studio 3, the Eclipse-based IDE with tightly integrated support for JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Ruby, Python and PHP, is due to be released this quarter.

  • Google Relaunches Instantiations Tools

    Having acquired Instantations Java tooling arm last month, Google has now released their tools for free via the Google WebToolkit project. This includes the high-quality WindowBuilder Pro, which can create GUIs in SWT, Swing and GWT, as well as GWT Designer for rapid GWT development, CodePro AnalytiX for automated software quality, and WindowTester Pro for automated UI testing.

  • Free Software Foundation Offers Grudging Support to Google in Patent Case

    Brett Smith, the Free Software Foundation's compliance engineer, has asserted his organization's opposition to Oracle's lawsuit, but their support for Google is somewhat muted.

  • Oracle Sues Google Over Java in Android

    In a tersely worded press release, Oracle has announced that it is suing Google for patent and copyright infringement over its use of the Java programming language for Android development, opening a legal war between the Silicon Valley firms over the smartphone software platform.

  • Adobe Acquires Java ECM Vendor Day Software

    Last week Adobe Systems announced it was purchasing Day Software for $240 million. The deal combines Day’s JSR-170/238 based content management and digital asset management products with Adobe’s Flex, Flash and AIR in a move to corner the web content market. In addition to being a lead company for the JSR-170/238 specifications, Day also contributes to Apache Jackrabbit and Sling.

  • Oracle Planning More Cuts as Sun Returns to Profit

    No primeiro sinal de uma reviravolta no mercado de hardware, a Oracle iniciou a aquisição da Sun Microsystems e isso ajudou a ajudou a atingir a expectativa de lucro de Wall Street para o último trimestre, segundo dados divulgados na semana passada.

  • SpringSource Acquires RabbitMQ

    VMware business unit SpringSource announced today that it had acquired Rabbit Technologies. Rabbit Technologies is the primary sponsor of the open source RabbitMQ messaging system.

  • James Gosling Resigns from Oracle

    "Father of Java" James Gosling has announced that he resigned from Oracle a week ago (April 2nd).

  • Mark Reinhold Talks About JRockit/Hotspot Integration

    Oracle principal engineer and former Sun employee Mark Reinhold talks about Oracle's plans to merge the Hotspot and JRockit JVMs.

  • Oracle Calls for JavaOne Papers

    Oracle has announced the call for JavaOne papers for the re-scheduled conference, which will now run alongside Oracle OpenWorld from September 19-23 2010. The closing date for submissions is March 14, 2010.

  • Sun's Kenai to Close in 60 Days and Work Halted on Darkstar but Hudson Survives

    Whilst many of Sun's software projects have survived the Oracle acquisition, details are continuing to emerge of projects that are being closed down. Amongst them are Sun's cloud project and Kenai, its source code repository. Work is also being stopped on project Darkstar, the Java based MMOG platform developed by Sun labs, though the code for this is open source and should remain available.

  • Perspectives on the Conclusion of the Oracle - Sun Acquisition

    After almost nine months of speculation and delay, Oracle has got the green light from EU which has lead to the completion of Sun’s acquisition. The announcement was followed by an all-day event were Oracle presented its future plans for the Sun technologies and platforms.