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  • RIA Frameworks: And the Survey Says…

    Given the number of frameworks now available for rich Internet application (RIA), choosing the right one, if not the best one, can be a difficult decision. Inside RIA recently completed an online survey that asked Flex/ActionScript RIA developers about their preferred frameworks.

  • Fluint Unit Test Tool for Flex

    As rich Internet application (RIA) technologies are becoming more prevalent, more tools are being created to support RIA development. Flex unit test tool Fluint is an example. InfoQ spoke with Michael Labriala, Fluint developer and Flex architect, to learn more about using Fluint as a unit test solution in Flex development.

  • Prana Framework Helps on ActionScript 3 Application Development

    Prana is an Inversion of Control (IoC) type of application framework for Adobe Flex or ActionScript 3 based development. InfoQ recently spoke with the Prana framework’s creators Christophe Herreman and Damir Murat to learn more insights about the usage of the framework.

  • Is the ActionScript 3.0 Debate Over?

    Since Colin Moock, an independent Flash platform expert, published his post on O’Reilly InsideRIA titled “The Charges against Action Script 3.0” in July, the Flash/Flex community has been actively engaged in the discussion.

  • Alcon 3: The alternative Open Source ActionScript Debugging Tool

    Sascha Balkau has recently released Alcon 3, an alternative open source debugging tool for ActionScript 2 and ActionScript 3. InfoQ spoke with Balkau to discuss how Alcon 3 fits in ActionScript-based rich Internet Application development.