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  • Amethyst, a Flex IDE for Microsoft Visual Studio Released

    Amethyst is a fully-featured Visual Studio IDE for the Adobe Flash Platform. It supports the drag-and-drop design, editing and debugging of Flex and AIR applications and it can also load Flash IDE projects for editing and debugging.

  • Greystripe Transcodes ActionScript Bytecode to HTML 5, making Flash Ads Available on the iPhone/iPad

    Greystripe has announced that they are collaborating with Adobe to provide rich media, interactive ad solutions across Android, iPhone, iPad and other mobile web platforms. Part of their offering will involve a technology that will convert Flash ads to HTML 5 that target mobile devices like the iPhone, where the Flash plugin is not available.

  • Adobe Max Day One Wrap-Up

    On day one of Max, Adobe announced the upcoming availability of the Flash platform on a number of mobile devices. The availability of Flash on a wide range of devices is an important step forward for the Flash / Flex developer community.

  • Opensource ActionScript Debugger - De Monster

    InfoQ reported a Flash and AIR debugger Arthropod earlier this year. De MonsterDebugger is another debugger launched this year for Flash, Flex and AIR application development.

  • C#/Silverlight Features for Flash Developers and haXe

    A number of Flash/ActionScript developers have expressed their desire to see Silverlight/C# features in their development tools. haXe, a multiplatform language that compiles to SWF files among others, promises to provide what AS3 is missing.

  • FlexMonkey 1.0 Released

    Gorilla Logic, Inc. has announced the first production release of FlexMonkey with version 1.0. FlexMonkey is an open source testing tool for Flex and AIR applications. FlexMonkey provides for the capture, replay, and verification of Flex user interface functionality.

  • ActionScript 3 Site Framework - Fosfr

    There are many different approaches to develop RIA based web sites. Flash sites are particular appealing to businesses or individuals involving in rich media contents. Fosfr is an ActionScript 3 site framework that is developed to build full Flash site. InfoQ interviewed Fosfr creator, Jeff DePascale, to learn more about the insights.

  • Flex Open Source Data Visualization Framework: Axiis

    A new open source addition to the Adobe Flex world is Axiis, a data visualization framework released in May under the MIT license. Data visualization is a term frequently used to describe graphical views of application data, such as charts and graphs.

  • Augmented Reality with Flash

    Augmented reality has been the main buzz in the Flash community of late with the recent release of the FLARToolKit. Augmented reality blends real world objects with computer-generated objects.

  • Flight a Flex MVC Framework

    The Flight Framework is a recent addition to the ever-growing set of MVC frameworks for application development in Adobe Flex. Tyler Wright, Rob Taylor, and Jacob Wright created the Flight Framework to meet their ActionScript and Flex development needs, and recently open sourced it in beta under the MIT license.

  • AsWing, An ActionScript Fiend of Java Developers?

    Java Swing has been the major Java graphical user interface (GUI) building block used by developers for many years. Can the Java Swing experience and skill be transferred to build ActionScript 3-based rich Internet application (RIA) systems? The AsWing Framework started with exactly that goal. InfoQ spoke with the AsWing lead developer iiley Chen to find out how AsWing could help RIA development.

  • Playr 2.0: And the Best Goes On

    Compared with traditional application development technologies, one important aspect of rich Internet applications (RIAs) is the ease of handling media rich contents. The Playr ActionScript 3 music library is one example that helps Flash, Flex or AIR based applications easily incorporate music contents. InfoQ spoke with the Playr creator Ronny Welter for more insight.

  • GEMVC ActionScript Framework used in Altair Lunar Lander

    The GEMVC ActionScript framework is used for developing Flex applications in Johnson Space Center's Altair Lunar Lander project. Christopher Dean, the solution architect who created GEMVC, is also the chief scientist for the extensible information model (XIM) program for the Altair Lunar Lander project. InfoQ spoke with Dean to learn more about GEMVC.

  • Ruboss – A Flex Framework on Rails

    Ruby on Rails (ROR) is a Ruby-based open-source framework for rapid Web application development. Both Rails and RIA communities are actively seeking convergence to offer integrated solutions. The Flex framework, Ruboss, is an example. InfoQ spoke with Peter Armstrong, the co-founder and CEO of Ruboss, to learn more.

  • Is Java losing Ground to Flex?

    As rich Internet application (RIA) technologies mature and become more widely visible to developers, inevitably they will cross with established technologies, like Java. A recent blog post from the game development company Sharendipitous Moments, entitled “We’re Moving to Flash. Here’s Why,” created discussion on whether Java is losing ground to RIA technologies, such as Flex.