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Interview and Book Excerpt: ActiveMQ in Action by Srini Penchikala Posted on May 02, 2011 In this article, InfoQ spoke with Bruce Snyder, co-author of ActiveMQ in Action book, about the main motivation for writing the book, transaction management and messaging security aspects in ActiveMQ container and emerging trends in the messaging space. 1

Introduction to ActiveMessaging for Rails by Andrew Kuklewicz Posted on Mar 01, 2007 The maintainer of ActiveMessaging for Ruby on Rails gives a comprehensive and informative introduction to his open-source framework, which enables enterprise messaging technologies to be easily integrated with Ruby on Rails applications, and is getting support from noted industry leaders such as James Strachan and Jon Tirsen. 19

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Domain Event-Driven Architecture by Stefan Norberg Posted on Aug 23, 2010 Stefan Norberg introduces Domain Event-Driven Architecture, how it helps SOA, and how it has been used by Unibet to make its architecture less coupled, resulting in better performance and scalability. Norberg offers practical advice, presenting technical details of the technologies used: JMS, XML, JSON, Google Protocol Buffers, ActiveMQ and Spring. 2