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InfoQ Homepage News ActiveMQ 5.9 with Replicated LevelDB Store and Hawtio Web Console

ActiveMQ 5.9 with Replicated LevelDB Store and Hawtio Web Console

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The latest version of the message broker Apache ActiveMQ supports replication of the LevelDB Store and includes a new Hawtio web console. Eight months after the previous release, new features and improvements in the recently released version 5.9 includes:

  • The Replicated LevelDB Store, a key-value, file based persistence database, that uses Apache ZooKeeper to pick a master from a set of broker nodes and then synchronizes by replicating all updates from the master to the remaining brokers.
  • A new broker plugin that allows selective changes to a broker xml configuration to take effect without a restart, thus avoiding any downtime. There are still some changes though that will require a restart of the broker.
  • Hawtio web console, a pluggable management HTML5 web console with support for JVM and a number of plugins, including ActiveMQ, Camel, and Tomcat. The console has a server side dependency to Jolokia, a JMX-HTTP bridge with JSON over HTTP. The old console is still available but considered deprecated.
  • Support for the telemetry transport MQTT protocol over WebSockets.
  • A Broker Apache Camel component facilitating use of Camel functionality inside ActiveMQ.
  • Automatic restart of the broker after master status is lost.
  • LevelDB and AMQP hardening

Besides these new features the team have also resolved more than 200 issues, mostly bug fixes and improvements, with many of the bugs marked as critical.
The AMQ message store has been deprecated and should not be used anymore.

Christian Posta, committer at Apache Software Foundation, has a blog post about the new features with demos and a couple of videos.

Apache ActiveMQ is an open source messaging and integration patterns server with full support for the Enterprise Integration Patterns.
ActiveMQ Apollo is a new messaging broker, called “ActiveMQ's next generation of messaging”, built from the foundations of ActiveMQ.

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