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Great Expectations for JRuby 1.0

by Alexis Midon on  Apr 04, 2007

InfoQ catches up with the latest exciting developments out of the JRuby camp as they gear up for a big 1.0 release in time for JavaOne. Includes an exclusive interview with red-hot JRuby team member Ola Bini.

Issues with the ActiveRecord Pattern and Statically Typed Languages

by Scott Delap on  Jan 17, 2007 2

Hibernate team member Emmanuel Bernard recently wrote on the issues with the ActiveRecord pattern and statically typed languages like Java.

InfoQ Article: DrySQL ORM for Rails

by Obie Fernandez on  Dec 14, 2006 3

In this exclusive article, Bryan Evans of the DrySQL project explains how to avoid situations where you're averse to changing your database schema, because of the resulting effort to change your app code.

New Version of Nitro/Og Web Framework Released

by Pat Eyler on  Nov 15, 2006 5

Nitro/Og provides a different model for web development in Ruby. A new version has just been released, providing a good excuse to stretch your Ruby wings and try it out.

JRuby on Rails Unveiled at JavaOne

by Obie Fernandez on  May 16, 2006

The latest version of JRuby will be presented to JavaOne attendees this week. Included in the demonstrations is a working Rails application and an ActiveRecord adapter backed by JDBC.