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InfoQ Homepage News JRuby on Rails Unveiled at JavaOne

JRuby on Rails Unveiled at JavaOne

This week JavaOne attendees will get to see a real Rails app running on a JRuby engine that is getting closer and closer to being usable in the real world.

Charles Nutter and Tom Enebo, leads of the JRuby project, will officially present their work to the world at a JavaOne press conference on the future of dynamic languages on the JVM. Says Charles: "Along with the Quercus guys from Caucho (PHP for the JVM) and Roberto Chinnici from Sun (doing cool stuff with JSR223), we'll have our own ten minutes to show the press how cool JRuby really is. It oughta be a fun time, and should help get JRuby a bit wider exposure."

Continuing development of JRuby is significant to developers hoping to bring Rails into their enterprise projects. Among other things, Charles and Thomas will be demonstrating their JDBC-backed ActiveRecord implementation.

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