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Is It SAFe to Scale? A Neutral Survey of the Lean-Agile Scaling Landscape

Posted by Jon Terry  on  Sep 29, 2018 Posted by Jon Terry Follow 1 Followers  on  Sep 29, 2018

Jon Terry discusses some of the difficulties enterprises encounter adopting Agile along with some of the techniques like SAFe, DAD, LeSS, and Spotify.

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Let's Get Naked! Agility for Human Beings

Posted by Jean-Paul Bayley  on  Sep 19, 2018 Posted by Jean-Paul Bayley Follow 0 Followers  on  Sep 19, 2018

Jean-Paul Bayley discusses why Agile is being rejected by some, and what are some of the things often neglected while adopting it.

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Agile in 2018

Posted by Martin Fowler  on  Aug 24, 2018 3 Posted by Martin Fowler Follow 20 Followers  on  Aug 24, 2018 3

Martin Fowler reflects on Agile’s journey to become a mainstream methodology, along with some of the successes and failures encountered along the way.

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Think beyond Methods, Create Viral Change

Posted by Patrick Steyaert  on  Aug 09, 2018 Posted by Patrick Steyaert Follow 0 Followers  on  Aug 09, 2018

Patrick Steyaert discusses the need of instilling a new way of thinking to be agile rather than adopting some new practices.

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Good Agile/Bad Agile

Posted by Karl Scotland  on  Aug 05, 2018 Posted by Karl Scotland Follow 1 Followers  on  Aug 05, 2018

Karl Scotland discusses developing an agile implementation tailored for the organization using experimentation instead of copying a model from others.

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Off the Beaten Track

Posted by Marc Burgauer  on  Jul 28, 2018 Posted by Marc Burgauer Follow 0 Followers  on  Jul 28, 2018

Marc Burgauer discusses what else can be done in Agile than the usual practices that companies attempt to adopt in order to become agile.

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Bringing DevOps into the Enterprise

Posted by Martin Alfke  on  Jul 14, 2018 Posted by Martin Alfke Follow 0 Followers  on  Jul 14, 2018

Martin Alfke discusses issues enterprises have when adopting new methods, covering reactions from tech people, project managers used with waterfall, departments refusing change, and C managers.

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A Common Sense Journey into Agile Marketing

Posted by Andrea Fryrear  on  May 28, 2017 Posted by Andrea Fryrear Follow  Followers  on  May 28, 2017

Andrea Fryrear shares her own experience with her marketing team adopting Agile, which tried multiple methodologies and tools in its quest to simply find what worked.

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Approach and Dimensions to Accelerate Business Agility

Posted by Venkateswaran NS  on  May 24, 2017 Posted by Venkateswaran NS Follow  Followers  on  May 24, 2017

Venkateswaran NS shares approaches and ways to accelerate business agility, examining pitfalls that large organizations face: not seeing the need for Agile, implementing Agile without context, etc.

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Transforming an Advertising Agency - Bringing an Agile Mindset beyond Engineering

Posted by David Grabel  on  May 24, 2017 Posted by David Grabel Follow  Followers  on  May 24, 2017

David Grabel shows how the advertising division of a company embraced Agile processes to be in sync with the development team which used a three week development cycle.

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Delivering Value While behind Enemy Lines

Posted by Matt Barrett  on  May 16, 2017 Posted by Matt Barrett Follow 0 Followers  on  May 16, 2017

Matt Barrett talks about how his team at Adaptive Financial Consulting manages to get things done in the face of huge cultural resistance while maintaining their own engineering culture.

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Evolving from Waterfall to Agile Strategic Planning in a Social Services Agency

Posted by Dan Montgomery  on  Apr 30, 2017 Posted by Dan Montgomery Follow  Followers  on  Apr 30, 2017

Dan Montgomery shares Five Acres’ experience implementing Agile in a 128-years old social services agency.

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