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  • Recognition Awards Presented at Agile2006

    The 2006 Gordon Pask Awards for recent contributions to Agile Practice were presented this evening at the Agile2006 conference closing banquet in Minneapolis, recognizing three outstanding contributors to the Agile Community. In addition, a special award was given to Todd Little, outgoing Conference Chair, for his many contributions to the Agile Alliance and the APLN.

  • Ken Schwaber: Sacrificing Quality should be an Executive Management Decision

    At Agile2006, Co-founder of the Scrum methodology Ken Schwaber argued that as professionals we should not accept business requests to sacrifice quality in order to meet timelines, and if quality does need to be sacrificed such a decision should be made by executive management and reflected in the financial statements of the company.

  • Agile2006 Day One Podcasts

    The Agile2006 Conference got a kick-start from industry veteran Peter Coffee, who challenged a standing-room crowd to reject the idea that broken software is normal, and to "shun mediocre attainments" . Bob Payne has been recording interviews and sessions at the conference, including the entire keynote.