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Integrate 2016 Wrap-up: Microsoft Shares Azure App Service and Cloud Messaging Adoption Metrics

by Kent Weare Follow 11 Followers on  May 15, 2016

InfoQ attended the recent Integrate 2016 event in London, where Microsoft Integration technologies took center stage. Day 1 focused on the BizTalk, Logic Apps and API Management teams. Day 2 was focused on Azure App Service adoption and the new server-less Azure Functions. Microsoft's Cloud Messaging team also spoke about adoption metrics and their work in the OPC UA working group.


Windows Azure Service Bus Gets Better Interoperability With AMQP

by Roopesh Shenoy Follow 0 Followers on  Jun 10, 2013

Microsoft recently announced general availability of AMQP support for Windows Azure Service Bus. The feature has been in preview for about six months now and allows interoperability between applications built on various technologies and different operating systems.


RabbitMQ Gets Simpler, Better At STOMP, MQTT

by Roopesh Shenoy Follow 0 Followers on  Nov 20, 2012

RabbitMQ 3.0 was recently released with STOMP 1.2 support, new plugins for Web-STOMP and MQTT, more user-friendly commands for clustering, per-message TTL, several performance improvements and more.


Spring AMQP 1.0 GA

by Bienvenido David Follow 1 Followers on  Sep 09, 2011

SpringSource, a division of VMware, has released Spring AMQP 1.0 GA (1.0.0.RELEASE). The Spring AMQP project applies core Spring concepts to the development of AMQP-based messaging solutions, and is available in both Java and .NET versions.


WSO2 Introduces a New Open Source Project: WSO2 Message Broker

by Jean-Jacques Dubray Follow 4 Followers on  Apr 05, 2011 1

Paul Fremantle announced on his blog a new open source projet and product: WSO2 Message Broker. MB is based on the Apache Qpid and supports Amazon SQS APIs and WS-Eventing.


Akka - Simpler Scalability, Fault-Tolerance, Concurrency & Remoting through Actors

by Michael Hunger Follow 1 Followers on  Mar 21, 2010 2

Today, the Akka team released version 0.7 of their actors framework for the Java Virtual Machine. Akka attempts to address future concurrency challenges with a solution relying on message based actors, software transactional memory and appropriate fault handling strategies. InfoQ talked to Jonas Bonér about the intent behind Akka, its current state and adoption, and future plans.


Microsoft Joins AMQP Working Group

by Dilip Krishnan Follow 0 Followers on  Nov 05, 2008 1

Microsoft Corp. joined the Advanced Message Queuing Protocol (AMQP) Working Group, an organization focused on the development of the AMQP specification.


Is AMQP on the way to providing real business interoperability?

by Steven Robbins Follow 0 Followers on  Aug 07, 2008 4

AMQP came from inside of JPMorgan, thanks to John O'Hara. But his vision was bigger than just a new way to do things internally. The standard and open source technologies around it have been gaining momentum. Jeff Gould and others shed some light on where AMQP came from, who is driving it, and where it might be going.


Beyond Polling? Consider PubSub, Push and MOM

by Gavin Terrill Follow 1 Followers on  Jul 28, 2008 2

You would expect a presentation entitled "Beyond REST? Building Data Services with XMPP PubSub" would have REST proponents up in arms. Instead, discussion was around the pros and cons of various PubSub alternatives.


Erlang and Ruby Roundup: Vertebra, Scaling with Fuzed, Github

by Werner Schuster Follow 9 Followers on  Jul 16, 2008

Recently a few popular Ruby projects have started using Erlang. We look at how EngineYard's Vertebra, Powerset's Fuzed and recently Github make use of Erlang.


JBoss Messaging Matures with Clustering & Transparent Failover Support

by Floyd Marinescu Follow 40 Followers on  Mar 28, 2007

A couple of weeks ago JBoss (now part of Red Hat) released JBoss Messaging 1.2, replacing JBossMQ and adding clustering and transparent failover one would expect from a production messaging system. InfoQ spoke to JBoss Messaging Project Lead (Ovidiu Feodorov) and Technical Lead (Tim Fox), to ask them about their latest release as well as their thoughts on JMS & SOA in general.


IONA Announces Celtix Enterprise

by Stefan Tilkov Follow 5 Followers on  Dec 04, 2006 15

IONA has announced Celtix Enterprise, its ESB offering based on open source products. InfoQ talked to IONA's CTO, Eric Newcomer, about the technical aspects of the release as well as the business implications.


Advanced Message Queue Protocol to Commoditize Messaging

by Floyd Marinescu Follow 40 Followers on  Jun 20, 2006 34

The Advanced Message Queuing Protocol (AMQP) has been announced today by JP Morgan Chase, RedHat, Twist, Cisco, Iona, and others. AMQP is an open specification for queue-based messaging that is technology agnostic and completely interoperable; it aims commoditize the messaging middleware industry and provide true interoperability across technology stacks in any language or operating system.