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InfoQ Homepage News RabbitMQ Gets Simpler, Better At STOMP, MQTT

RabbitMQ Gets Simpler, Better At STOMP, MQTT

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RabbitMQ 3.0 was recently released with STOMP 1.2 support, new plugins for Web-STOMP and MQTT, several performance improvements and more.

Some of the interesting features introduced in this version -

  • Better compatibility with STOMP - all message properties available for AMQP are mapped to STOMP and vice-versa
  • Plugins for Web-STOMP (to access from browser over WebSockets, with SockJS as fallback) and MQTT (implements MQTT 3.1)
  • Simpler commands for clustering
  • Policy-based, faster mirroring
  • Dynamic Federation
  • New, simpler clustering commands
  • Per-message TTL
  • Memory Use statistics

You can have a look at entire list of changes along with bug fixes and performance enhancements in the release notes. Some of these are breaking changes as explained in the RabbitMQ blog – the team also describes how to handle them when planning an upgrade. 

RabbitMQ is open source Message broker software, built on Erlang, that implements the AMQP standard. It also provides gateways for HTTP, STOMP and MQTT protocols. You can learn more about RabbitMQ by viewing this presentation.

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