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  • Brenda - an Artificial Intelligence Team Member

    Brenda uses artificial intelligence with machine learning to monitor the infrastructure, do quality assurance checks and support troubleshooting, handle alerts and communicate critical issues, and apply auto-healing. Sree Rama Murthy Pakkala and Collin Mendons from Swisscom will talk about an AI/ML framework named Brenda, who helps their teams to increase quality at Swiss Testing Day 2020.

  • Metrics Collection at Scale: Learning from Uber's M3

    In a recent InfoQ podcast, Rob Skillington, co-founder and CTO at Chronosphere, shared his experience and opinions on the topic of observability in modern distributed systems. Key topics covered: metrics collection at scale, multi-dimensional metrics and high-cardinality, the importance of the developer experience, and the value of open standards, such as OpenMetrics.

  • Applying Observability to Ship Faster

    To get fast feedback, ship work often, as soon as it is ready, and use automated systems in Live to test the changes. Monitoring can be used to verify if things are good, and to raise an alarm if not. Shipping fast in this way can result in having fewer tests and can make you more resilient to problems.

  • How Netlify’s Infrastructure Team Improved Observability While Increasing Deployment Speed

    Netlify's infrastructure team shared their story of how they increased their customer deployment speeds by up to 2x by optimizing their deployment algorithm and increased observability into their systems in the process.

  • Moogsoft Adds Virtual Network Operations Centre Capability

    AIOps platform vendor, Moogsoft, has announced the release of Moogsoft Enterprise 8.0, featuring a capability for technology teams to build a virtual Network Operations Centre (NOC).  Moogsoft Enterprise consolidates monitoring tools with the intention of helping technology teams reduce noise, prioritize incidents, reduce escalations and ensure uptime.

  • Splunk Launches New Release of SignalFx APM

    Splunk, a platform for searching, monitoring, and examining machine-generated big data, has launched a new release of application monitoring tool SignalFx Microservices APM™. The new release combines NoSample™ tracing, open standards based instrumentation and artificial intelligence (AI)-driven directed troubleshooting from SignalFx and Omnition into a single solution.

  • Instana Launches Context Guide: Enabling Visual Navigation of Infrastructure & Services

    Provider of automated application performance management (APM) solutions for microservices, Instana, has launched the Instana Context Guide, providing GUI-based access to the company’s underlying system model called the Dynamic Graph. Instana’s solution discovers application service components and application infrastructure, including cloud infrastructure.

  • Periskop: SoundCloud's Exception Monitoring Service

    SoundCloud's engineering team wrote about their exception monitoring software called Periskop, which collects and aggregates exceptions across servers and reports to a central server for analysis.

  • Grafana Labs Announces GA of Cortex v1.0 and Discusses Architectural Changes

    Grafana Labs, the company behind popular open-source monitoring projects Grafana and Loki, announced the General Availability of Cortex v1.0. Cortex is a clustered Prometheus implementation that includes features such as horizontal scalability, multi-tenancy, durability, and long-term storage.

  • Network Automation at Fastly

    Ryan Landry, the senior director for TechOps at Fastly, has shared how network automation enables them to manage traffic peaks during popular live-streamed events such as the Super Bowl LIV. Fastly is directly connected to numerous ISPs across the US and tries to keep their live video traffic on these direct paths with their partners to deliver video streams as close to the end-user as possible.

  • NGINX Releases Controller 3.0 with Major Redesign Providing Consolidated Application View

    NGINX announced the release of NGINX Controller 3.0, their control-plane solution to manage the NGINX data plane. The 3.0 release sees a full redesign of Controller moving it into an "app-centric experience" that allows for interacting with the infrastructure at the application level. This includes a full configuration API, a role based self-service portal, and a built in certificate manager.

  • Elastic Stack 7.6 Released with Security, Performance, and Observability Improvements

    Elastic announced the release of Elastic Stack 7.6. This release contains a number of security improvements including a new SIEM detection engine and a redesigned SIEM overview dashboard page. This release also includes performance improvements to queries that are sorted by date, enhanced supervised machine learning capabilities, and support for ingesting Jaeger trace data.

  • Instana Performance Provider Adds vSphere Support

    Microservice application performance management provider, Instana, has released new capabilities for monitoring the VMware vSphere Suite, as well as applications running on vSphere infrastructure. Instana correlates infrastructure and application performance metrics and the latest release includes the ability to discover, map and monitor components running on VMware’s vSphere suite.

  • Survey Finds Tool Sprawl and Complex Architecture Key Challenges for Observability released their annual survey of the DevOps industry with the spotlight this year on observability. The key findings include that DevOps and observability tool sprawl is becoming an issue and complex architectures present the key challenge in implementing an observability solution. In the next year, they predict greater investment in observability with a focus on distributed tracing.

  • CRI-O Infrastructure and Application Monitoring Now Supported by Instana

    Kubernetes application performance management solution, Instana, has announced support for managing CRI-O Kubernetes run-time containers and the applications that run on that infrastructure.


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