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  • Google Gears: Industry Reactions The Day After

    As part of their developer days activities this week Google announced a new offline web application API Google Gears.

  • Is XML the Future of UI Development?

    Or is it JavaScript? A common trend in the new crop of desktop UI frameworks is that they are XML based with some sort of support for JavaScript. We take a brief look at AJAX, WPF/XAML, Flex/MXML, and Firefox’s Gran Paradiso.

  • Checking in on Apollo

    Adobe released the Alpha of Apollo a few weeks ago and there have been many reactions to the product and Flex in general since. Additionally, Adobe updated to make it easier to get started with Flex.

  • Apollo Alpha SDK Released

    Adobe has released the first public alpha of Apollo. Apollo is the code name for their cross-operating system runtime supporting HTML, Javascript, Flash and PDF in both online and offline modes. Included in the release is the SDK with command line tools for Apollo applications.