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  • C# Futures: Deferred Error Handling

    When writing robust software, there is often a need to perform a series of retriable operations. In order to make the system robust, each operation in the series can be coded so it is independent of the status of the previous operation. Before the deferred error handling proposal, this could be tedious to code.

  • Apache Subversion to Migrate to Git

    Today, Greg Stein, founder of the Apache Subversion project, raised a request to migrate the Subversion codebase to Git. More controversial than the decision itself was the way that the decision was made, by the PMC on the private mailing list. Read on to find out what happened and what the current state is.

  • Patent Holder Pursues IP Grab on TCP/IP

    A networking hardware vendor based in Austin, Texas says it's going to pursue royalties on the implementation of the TCP/IP set of protocols. Formerly known as Dellor, KCIR Networks acquired Nett Labs in 1997, acquiring this patent into the bargain. The patent claim was filed in 1975, but Nett Labs never pursued royalties.

  • The H-A Manifesto

    The latest of the agile manifestos, in a long line of manifestos, has been launched today, called the H-A Manifesto. Read on to find out if you can apply it in your organisation.

  • HTTP 1.2 Released with Improved Support for Hierarchies and Text-Menu Interfaces

    The Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) got its first major update since 1999, which includes improved support for Hierarchies, Text-Menu Interfaces and Authentication. It also includes a new set of accepted headers and extension mechanisms.

  • Erlang Copied Scala's Actors & Erlang's VM is almost a Clone of the JVM

    Erlang Co-creators, Joe Armstrong and Robert Virding, admit that Erlang is heavily inspired by the Java world. In an interview at ErlangFactory 2011 SF, they reveal how Scala Actors had shaped their work in what they then called Erlang Processes. Moreover, they acknowledge the fact that Erlang's VM is barely a clone of the famous JVM.

  • The End of an Era: Scala Community Arrives, Java Deprecated

    It was recently announced that InfoQ is creating a new Operations community. In addition to that, another major change which has been in the works for the last few months at InfoQ is the conversion of the Java community to the Scala community. InfoQ spoke with a prominent Scala expert and members of the former InfoQ Java editorial team to learn more about this change and why it was made.

  • Critical Security Vulnerability Found in Quicksort

    In what is sure to become one of the most wide-reaching security vulnerabilities yet known, a researcher with L0pht Heavy Industries has uncovered a flaw in the standard implementation of the Quicksort algorithm. InfoQ spoke with Dildog of L0pht to learn more about this vulnerability and it's ramifications.

  • SpringSource Announces Acquisition by Microsoft

    In a surprise announcement, SpringSource CEO Rod Johnson announced that SpringSource has agreed to be acquired by Microsoft. InfoQ interviewed Johnson to learn more about this acquisition and what it will mean for the future of both Spring and the .Net Framework.