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InfoQ Homepage Articles Article Series: Automation in the Cloud and Management at Scale

Article Series: Automation in the Cloud and Management at Scale


Cloud computing is more than just fast self-service of virtual infrastructure. Developers and admins are looking for ways to provision and manage at scale.

This InfoQ article series will focus on automation tools and ideas for maintaining dynamic pools of compute resources.



Exploring the ENTIRE DevOps Toolchain for (Cloud) Teams

When assessing technology that empowers a DevOps transformation, it’s easy to focus in on the headline capabilities (“configuration management!”) and miss out on the bigger picture. How can teams shipping cloud (or on-premises) applications use the full suite of DevOps technologies to simplify delivery and management at scale? In this article, Richard Seroter classifies and explains key enabling technologies. 


A Pragmatic Approach to Scaling Security in the Cloud

Security. Cloud. Two words that are almost always together but rarely happily.
Mark Nunnikhoven explains in this article why that isn’t the case and what you need to known about securing your critical infrastructure in the cloud. 



Lessons on Cloud Management at Scale: An Interview With Randy Skopecek

How do real organizations handle the management of a cloud portfolio? InfoQ editor Richard Seroter reached out to Randy Skopecek, the lead applications architect for a midsize insurance firm, to find out more about operating at cloud scale. Running in the cloud after leaving their local data center, Randy and team learned some lessons about what really matters, and how to plan for management at scale.


The Top Automation Tools for Public Cloud at Scale

As more organizations expand their use of public cloud services, from early-stage startups to the biggest businesses and governments in the world, the problems of cloud computing at scale start to arise.
Andi Mann tries to find the top automation tools that can address these for Public Cloud.   


Preparing for Scale: InfoQ Virtual Roundtable with Cloud Practitioners

How should organizations plan for a cloud environment and optimize it for efficiency at scale? InfoQ editor Richard Seroter reached out to 3 leading cloud practitioners to uncover practical advice on this topic. Each panelist has dealt with the sometimes-messy transition from on-premises to cloud, and coached organizations through their journey.



Series Manager

Richard Seroter is the director of product management for the CenturyLink Cloud, a Microsoft MVP, instructor for developer-centric training company Pluralsight, editor for cloud computing, and author of multiple books on application integration strategies.

He is a recognized public speaker and has spoken at events around the world. Richard maintains a regularly updated blog on topics of architecture and solution design and can be found on Twitter as @rseroter.







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