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InfoQ Homepage Articles Key Takeaway Points and Lessons Learned from QCon New York 2013

Key Takeaway Points and Lessons Learned from QCon New York 2013

The second annual QCon New York brought together together over 500 team leads, architects, project managers, and engineering directors.   Over 100 practitioner-speakers presented 75 technical sessions and 19 in-depth tutorials over the course of five days.

Based on the QCon New York 2013 attendee survey, 57.64% of respondents are readers of and 92.86% of respondents would recommend QCon to a colleague. This was also the first year where attendees had a chance to:

  1. Participate in facilitated open spaces which were held daily for each of the 15 tracks
  2. Access all QCon New York 2013 presentation videos within 24 hours after the talk (note: these will all be published on in the coming months).

The top 10 presentations this year, based on a combination of session feedback and attendance were:

  1. Keynote: Surviving in a Feudal Security World, by Bruce Schneier
  2. Keynote: First, Let’s Kill All the Product Owners, by Tim Berglund
  3. The Functional Database, by Rich Hickey
  4. How Netflix Leverages the Cloud for Rapid Development and Easy Operations, by Jeremy Edberg
  5. Lean Engineering, Applying Lean Startup Principles at Paypal, by Bill Scott
  6. Building Modern Web Sites: A Story of Scalability and Availability, by Sid Anand
  7. Decomposing Twitter: Adventures in Service-Oriented Architecture, by Jeremy Cloud
  8. Hiring for Hackers, by Pete Soderling
  9. Managing Experimentation in a Continuously Deployed Environment, by Will Stuckey
  10. Lessons Learned Building Storm, by Nathan Marz

This article summarizes the key takeaways and highlights from QCon New York 2013 as blogged and tweeted by attendees.  Over the course of the coming months, InfoQ will be publishing most of the conference sesssions online, including 29 video interviews that were recorded by the InfoQ editorial team. The publishing schedule can be found on the QCon New York web site.

You can also see numerous QCon photos here.


Tutorials Day #2


Applied Data Science

Architectures You've Always Wondered About

Big Data

Continuous Delivery


Hot Technology for Financial Services

HTML5 and Modern Web Languages

Java Innovation

Lean Startup Applied

Polyglot Architectures

Post Functional

Real Life Cloud Computing

Tomorrows Mobile

Social Events

Opinions about QCon




Tutorials Day #2

Continuous Delivery by Dave Farley

Twitter feedback on this session included:

@alexshyba: Dave Farley: "Estimation is a posh word for guessing". Love it. #continuousdelivery #qconnewyork

@alexshyba: Dave Farley: "If it hurts, do it more often - bring the pain forward" #qconnewyork #qcon

@AgileSteveSmith: Business reqs = minimum release cadence Operational reqs = maximum release cadence #continuousdelivery #qconnewyork


Can Technology Innovation Save The New York Times? by Marc Frons and Rajiv Pant

Twitter feedback on this session included:

@EricMinick: NewYork times CIO and CTOs discussing how tech will save the "paper". Keynote at #qconnewyork

@EricMinick: By end of 2013, nytimes journalists will all publish to web first, and port from web to paper rather than the other way around #qconnewyork

@devshorts: Ok, I want to work at the New York Times now. I've been sold #qconnewyork

@secboffin: We are often very logical, and also very wrong. Rajiv Pant, CTO New York Times. #qconnewyork

@devshorts: I want to know how much time each of these products they built take. Nyt has a lot of in house built apps. #qconnewyork

@OTNArchBeat: New York Times: "Mobile is disrupting the traditional web. Our best defense is to innovate." #qconnewyork

@rundavidrun: The way you solve problems with people is different than with software. First you have to learn the human API. @rajivpant #qconnewyork

@rundavidrun: Disruptive technology is a constant part of the 21st century culture. The best defense is to keep innovating. -@marcfrons #qconnewyork

@sagarbhujbal: New York Times seems now a technology driven org than traditional publishing house. Way to go. #qconnewyork #nytimes #technology #software

@tedoutloud: Great keynote! Ingredient of tech innovation "Raise the level of engineering and of your engineers" #qconnewyork

First, Let's Kill All the Product Owners by Tim Berglund

Twitter feedback on this session included:

@rundavidrun: Keynote by @tlberglund: Devs should know the business, learn the domain, relate to customers, and love their users. #qconnewyork

@rundavidrun: When it comes to Agile, people don't like the "A" word anymore. Time to rethink the paradigm. Via @tlberglund #qconnewyork

@rundavidrun: Why do we need product owners? Can't devs be as enthusiastic about their product as they are with their hobbies? @tlberglund #qconnewyork

@silentbicycle: The reason your developers aren't taking ownership of their products is *because you're stopping them*. #QConNewYork Great keynote!

@darthbear: autonomy, mastery and purpose to motivate people @tlberglund #Qconnewyork

@OTNArchBeat: @tlberglund: "We can't just be coders." #qconnewyork

Surviving in a Feudal Security World by Bruce Schneier

Twitter feedback on this session included:

@rundavidrun: Data policies on mobile/cloud increasingly controlled by vendors. We trust them in a feudal way to protect it. @bruce_schneier #qconnewyork

@rundavidrun: Technology makes entities more powerful. Speed magnifies its effectiveness. Who enforces their responsibility? @bruce_schneier #qconnewyork

@tedoutloud: We live in a world of ubiquitous surveillance. "How do we balance privacy & what law enforcement needs?" - Bruce Schneier #qconnewyork

@rundavidrun: Surveillance is same as how entertainment industry controls content; they use computer algorithms to judge us. @bruce_schneier #qconnewyork

@ldur: #QConNewYork security guru Bruce Schneier talks about the power change on the internet with reference to NSA surveillance equals feudalism

@EricMinick: What happens when you can 3D print Mikey Mouse? Disney is powerful and we're about to mess with Disney #qconnewyork

@ldur: #QConNewYork security is now trusted to the big american companies, just like your company controls employee data. Misuse equals mistrust.

@zef: Wonder if I’ll ever appreciate the paranoid security talk. I may be too trusting of the free market solving these issues. #QConNewYork

Ted Codd Was Not a Developer, or a Universal Theory for Big Data by Erik Meijer

Twitter feedback on this session included:

@silentbicycle: Humans should never, ever have to write callbacks. -Erik Meijer #QConNewYork #NodeJS

@silentbicycle: The moment you're writing callbacks by hand, you're playing the compiler yourself. -Erik Meijer #QConNewYork

@gweinbach: The semicolon is the most consuming operation in your code #synchronous Eric Meijer #QConNewYork

@silentbicycle: If something as simple as writing an asynchronous loop becomes an interview question, something is deeply wrong. -Erik Meijer #QConNewYork

@silentbicycle: Erik Meijer is comparing #NodeJS to running a marathon with a ball and chain. "Cut it off, you'll feel better." #QConNewYork

@devshorts: I like where Meijer wants to take languages #qconnewyork

Applied Data Science

A Little Graph Theory for the Busy Developer by Jim Webber

Twitter feedback on this session included:

@bryce_yan: How graph theory predicted WWI. Interesting and entertaining talk by @jimwebber in #qconnewyork

@silentbicycle: If you want to do data modeling for Neo4J, you will need a colored pen and … a different colored pen. #QConNewYork

@silentbicycle: Free PDF of "Graph Databases": #Neo4j #ebook #QConNewYork

Architectures You've Always Wondered About

Lessons from Building and Scaling LinkedIn by Jay Kreps

Twitter feedback on this session included:

@pveller: Performance != scalability. Ops first. Hard things last. Do it offline is possible. Lessons from scaling Linkedin #QConNewYork

@pveller: Micro services (may) scale development. Bad services << no services << good services. Lessons from scaling LinkedIn #qconnewyork

@gweinbach: Bad Services are much worse than no Services at all @jaykreps #QConNewYork

@gweinbach: Cutting up the code base enables you to work on a repository where you understand 100% of the code @jaykreps #QConNewYork

@godfryd: Agility requires safety @jaykreps #qconnewyork

Facebook Messages: Backup & Replication Systems on HBase by Nicolas Spiegelberg

Twitter feedback on this session included:

@sagarbhujbal: FB #backup data done every hour and the size is just 2x times the source. Did not get details the but sounds amazing. #qconnewyork #backup

@sagarbhujbal: #Facebook has "four 9's" for replication & recovery. The amt of data it collects is mind-boggling. :) #bigdata #backup #qconnewyork

Decomposing Twitter: Adventures in Service-Oriented Architecture by Jeremy Cloud

Twitter feedback on this session included:

@devshorts: 400,000,000 tweets a day is a bunch of tweets #qconnewyork

@devshorts: Hundreds of concurrent branches merging at once?! Wow #qconnewyork

@sagarbhujbal: #Twitter - API philosophy: Good fences make good neighbors #api #services #soa #qconnewyork

@devshorts: #qconnewyork hello twitter, this is your guts

@devshorts: Future, promises, tasks, async, everyone is moving to it, nice to see async nonblocking getting to be so easy to implement #qconnewyork

@devshorts: 10-30k tweets handled per server per second #qconnewyork

@pveller: Incremental change eventually wins. Deploy often and incrementally. Decomposing Twitter #qconnewyork

@sagarbhujbal: #Twitter Lessons Learned - New feature: Manage configurations dynamically. Default is OFF Turn on to 1% users to start #qconnewyork #agile

@pveller: LinkedIn and Twitter both: deploy with feature off, to "canary" servers first, have a knob to gradually turn features on. #qconnewyork

@sagarbhujbal: #Twitter Leasons Learned - Deploy incrementally. Make smaller changes and deploy often. Sounds #agile #backlog #qconnewyork

@sagarbhujbal: #Twitter Unsolved problem still: Continuous Integration but amazing that there r several deploys weekly #qconnewyork #continuousintegration

Big Data

Lessons Learned Building Storm by Nathan Marz

Twitter feedback on this session included:

@pveller: No long lived processes. Your process will crash. Your code is not correct. Lessons learned building Storm #qconnewyork

@pveller: Every feature will be abused. Badly. Lessons learned building Storm #qconnewyork

@pveller: Clean clojure meta code to express a state machine. No _ in naming. Only dashes. So readable. Lessons learned building Storm #qconnewyork

@odinodin: Declaratively representing state transitions in Storm using maps of maps. Nice example of the power of Clojure #qcon

@pveller: Rate limit itself (every service interaction) and isolate –> prevent cascading failures. Lessons learned building Storm #qconnewyork

@ffailla: the more complex your problem, the more simple your solution must be listening to @nathanmarz #qconnewyork

Continuous Delivery

Steve Smith was both a speaker and an attendant to these sessions:

I recently had the honor of speaking at QCon New York in Dave Farley’s Continuous Delivery track, and was excited to find a real appetite for Continuous Delivery in New York.

The process, technology and practice of Continuous Delivery by Dave Farley

Steve Smith attended this session:

Dave set the scene by talking about Continuous Delivery processes and technology, highlighting the value of cycle time as a metric and outlining how to implement a pipeline. Dave used the LMAX pipeline as an example of how automation and collaboration can be woven into the fabric of an organization.

Twitter feedback on this session included:

@AgileSteveSmith: @davefarley77 "I cannot imagine a company that does not want the shortest possible time to production" #qconnewyork

@AgileSteveSmith: @davefarley77 "Software's weird" #qconnewyork

@EricMinick: I can't think of anything humans are worse at than technically complex but boring tasks @davefarley77 #continuousdelivery #qconnewyork

@AgileSteveSmith: @davefarley77 "Cycle time is an absolutely key metric" #qconnewyork

@AgileSteveSmith: @davefarley77 "The right language for your acceptance tests is the language of the problem domain" #qconnewyork

The Strangler Pipeline: Winning over Hearts and Minds by Steve Smith

Twitter feedback on this session included:

@godfryd: Continouos Delivery is 5% automation and 95% organization #qconnewyork

@godfryd: Change environment, not people - they will adapt @agilestevesmith #qconnewyork

@alexshyba: Building a #ContinuousDelivery pipeline is easy. Building a CD organization is hard. @agilestevesmith #qconnewyork

A Continuous Delivery Maturity Model by Eric Minick

Steve Smith attended this session:

Eric Minick then discussed a Continuous Delivery maturity model, using IMVU Continuous Deployment to illustrate the gulf between industry current practice and industry best practice. Eric talked about orchestration challenges and how a maturity model can guide the adoption of best practices.

Twitter feedback on this session included:

@rundavidrun: OH at #qconnewyork: Don't use the word "continuous" with the dev ops team. Say something like "consistent deployment" instead.

@AgileSteveSmith: Great talk from @EricMinick on relative #continuousdelivery maturity, including a pleasantly unexpected assault on #scrum! #qconnewyork

@rundavidrun: Most do basic deployment scripts but should implement coordinated test-gated automation. @EricMinick #qconnewyork

@AgileSteveSmith: Really pleased to hear such an emphasis upon people over tools in #continuousdelivery track at #qconnewyork

@alexshyba: Thx @EricMinick for the gr8 #ContinuousDelivery roadmap and checklist on how to evaluate readiness with the maturity model #qconnewyork

Managing Experimentation in a Continuously Deployed Environment by Wil Stuckey

Steve Smith attended this session:

Wil Stuckey spoke about how Continuous Delivery enables continuous experimentation at Etsy, with 30+ daily production releases facilitating a culture of Validated Learning. Wil described how Etsy uses an in-house feature toggle engine to continuously perform A/B testing, and grow product revenues as a result. …

While the quality of presentations and conversations in the track was exceptional throughout, Wil’s talk on driving product revenues via continuous experimentation validated the Continuous Delivery value proposition and should be mandatory viewing for anyone with an interest in rapidly releasing software.

Feedback-based Evolutionary Design by Graham Brooks

Steve Smith attended this session:

Graham Brooks covered feedback-based evolutionary design in Continuous Delivery. Graham talked about the historical shift from Big Design Up Front to Design Is Code, the inherent value of compressing the Build-Deploy-Test cycle, and how Continuous Delivery encourages reinforcing feedback.

Twitter feedback on this session included:

@AgileSteveSmith: @grahamcbrooks "if you're only using automated functional tests, you're only testing one dimension" #continuousdelivery #qconnewyork


The Game of Team Culture by Dan Mezick

Twitter feedback on this session included:

@samadisy: @DanMezick #qconnewyork Culture that is not designed makes you angry, disengage, and not feel safe.

@floydmarinescu: Dan Mezick and Jim McCarthy comparing culture with code - it can be hacked and designed #qconnewyork

@drewnichols1974: Good meetings are games with clear goals and rules #qconnewyork

@floydmarinescu: Stories are how you hack the culture in your team - @DanMezick #qconnewyork

@floydmarinescu: @DanMezick on meetings at #qconnewyork

@tedoutloud: Meetings are the leverage pt to culture. Influence it by controlling the game of meetings, classes & interactions. - @DanMezick #qconnewyork

Hot Technology for Financial Services

High Performance CPU/GPU Clusters - Increasing Throughput and Decreasing Latency by Leveraging Mechanical Sympathy by Clive Saha

Twitter feedback on this session included:

@silentbicycle: CPUs are really fast. Try to do more CPU work per data-item because it takes so long to get data to the processor. #QConNewYork

@silentbicycle: Most important thing: Monitoring. Your intuition WILL ABSOLUTELY fail you. Storage is cheap, prune later. #QConNewYork

@silentbicycle: Talking about working in c++, w/ every program linking a mini HTTP library usable to audit data structure sizes, monitor… #QConNewYork

@silentbicycle: If you're using a GPU without error correcting RAM, hopefully you're just playing Unreal Tournament or something. Get ECC! #QConNewYork

HTML5 and Modern Web Languages

Andy Thurai, a Chief Architect & Group CTO at Intel, noted on this track:

As usual Big Data and Mobility were the dominating topics in this conference. Surprisingly, there was a strong html5 presence as well. At least ten presentations (including mine) were based on html5 or other modern language themes, which means the momentum is shifting from native apps to html 5 fast. It is not about just plain vanilla JavaScript anymore.

One thing I can vouch for is that the development crowd seems to be getting younger and sharper on a daily basis.

Look Ma, No Connections! Building Offline-capable Web Apps with HTML5 by Bijan Vaez

Twitter feedback on this session included:

@rundavidrun: Don't depend on browser cache and expiry headers -- use manifest in HTML5. Here's a great tutorial. #qconnewyork

Meteor - Web Development Like You Never Seen by Matt Debergalis

Twitter feedback on this session included:

@rundavidrun: .@meteorjs has a packaging system that works like the web and stops forcing devs to QA the whole stack. Nice! @debergalis #qconnewyork

You Don't Know Beans About CoffeeScript by Aseem Kishore

Twitter feedback on this session included:

@rundavidrun: Great talk from @aseemk on the benefits of @CoffeeScript at #qconnewyork! Top 4: less verbose, more robust, expert vetted, faster coding.

Java Innovation

Embedded Java and MQTT by Peter Niblett

Twitter feedback on this session included:

@silentbicycle: #MQTT has "will" messages (as in, "last will & testament") to be published on death, like Erlang's 'EXIT' messages #QConNewYork

@silentbicycle: #MQTT seems like a pleasant little protocol. is an open-source starting point. #QConNewYork

Lean Startup Applied

Screwing Up For Less by Stephen Hardisty

Twitter feedback on this session included:

@rodpetrovic: We shouldn't treat everything as if it was a life support system because that's too expensive, says @etsy at #qconnewyork

@rodpetrovic: All these talks are reinforcing my opinion that it's all about balance: not safe vs too safe, monolithic vs fragmented, etc. #qconnewyork

The Assassin's Mindset: Identifying Assumptions to De-Risk Your Idea by Giff Constable

Twitter feedback on this session included:

@sagarbhujbal: Developers should not over-engineer #leanstartup #agile #qconnewyork

@sagarbhujbal: Product Managers should involve the team early in the game #leanstartup #agile #pmo #productowner Are product owners hands on? #qconnewyork

Lean Engineering: Applying Lean Startup Principles at PayPal by Bill Scott

Twitter feedback on this session included:

@rodpetrovic: I went to PayPal because they were so screwed up -- @billwscott at #qconnewyork

@sagarbhujbal: #Paypal was making money but every single process, system, culture was all whacked. This was in 2011 #agile #leanstartup #qconnewyork

@sagarbhujbal: Biggest challenge for most organizations is moving from "culture of delivery to culture of learning" - #Paypal #qconnewyork #agile #success

@sagarbhujbal: #Paypal using open source top 2 bottom. #qconnewyork What took Java 6 yrs was done in a yr. using open source. Was Java an issue? :(

@darthbear: Be open source top to bottom @billwscott #qconnewyork

@tedoutloud: Customers have a louder voice than executives. - @billwscott #qconnewyork

@tedoutloud: Focus engineering on LEARNING. Delivery will deliver crap if you let it. Great talk from @billwscott!!! #qconnewyork #qcontakeaway

Polyglot Architectures

E Pluribus Unum: A Survey of Multiparadigm Programming by Paul Snively

Twitter feedback on this session included:

@silentbicycle: A multi paradigm language that compiles to x86_64, ARM v7, and Javascript is a *very* long lever. -@psnively #QConNewYork #OCaml

@silentbicycle: If you can't use a multi-paradigm language, use a meta-paradigm one. -@psnively #QConNewYork #Lisp #macros #delimited_continuations

@devshorts: #qconnewyork great set of considerations on how to choose a language

Post Functional

Fundamentalist Functional Programming by Erik Meijer

Twitter feedback on this session included:

@valueof: Category theory is nothing more than mathematicians trying to design a good object oriented language. —Erik Meijer #qconnewyork

@silentbicycle: If I have a function that turns ponies into beer, I can turn a cage of ponies into a cage of beer. #QConNewYork

@silentbicycle: Stop doing Twitter. - Erik Meijer #QConNewYork

@devshorts: Look, if my architecture needs to make cheese and mow a lawn then I work on an amazing and diverse product and that's awesome #qconnewyork

@devshorts: How do you balance a skiplist? I guess you don't #qconnewyork

@devshorts: Logic variables are good for modeling partial information, based on unification properties from prolog #qconnewyork

@devshorts: Rolling hash #qconnewyork

@devshorts: Apparently rsync leverages rolling hash #qconnewyork

@gweinbach: Functional programming has nothing to do with immutability. It has to do with Effects. Eric Meijer #QConNewYork

Purely Functional I/O by Runar Bjarnesson

Twitter feedback on this session included:

@psnively: Q: How many expressions are in a #haskell program? A: 1 #qconnewyork /cc @runarorama

@devshorts: Haskell composition of io monad in scala #qconnewyork

Real Life Cloud Computing

How Netflix Leverages ("the cloud" + the Netflix Platform) for Rapid Development and Easy Operations by Jeremy Edberg

Twitter feedback on this session included:

@pveller: No build engineer. No QA dept. No chef or puppet. 100 releases a day. How Netflix leverages cloud #qconnewyork

@sagarbhujbal: Philosophy of #Netflix - Automate everything / Separate #API team / #SOA architecture #automation #qconnewyork Leverage #Cloud

@sagarbhujbal: Advantages of #SOA at #Netflix - Capacity, Deployment, Infrastructure flexibility #qconnewyork

@sagarbhujbal: #Netflix - 100 deployments every day. Developers have all the access. They don't have release manager, #QA #release #automation #qconnewyork

@sagarbhujbal: #Netflix is having everything on #amazon #cloud - Geolocation library, Discovery entry points , API's - RESTFul #api #rest #qconnewyork

@sagarbhujbal: #Netflix likes #Cassandra - It's open source #opensource / Prefers writes over reads. #Replication - 3 copies #bigdata #qconnewyork #movies

@tedoutloud: #netflix approach service design as if you're defining APIs. Design a platform for your business. #qcontakeaway #qconnewyork

@sagarbhujbal: #Netflix Code #deployment demo. Use #Asgard for deployment #opensource. Publish code - Run overnight: If OK delete old copy #qconnewyork

@sagarbhujbal: #Netflix best practices: Multiple copies of data, No secret keys on instances, Auto Scaling, Use multiple AWS zones #aws #cloud #qconnewyork

@sagarbhujbal: #Netflix is all open source - #opensource #caching #deployment #qconnewyork

@sagarbhujbal: #Netflix uses relational databases - #Oracle #RDS mostly for DVD services now. All will be moved to #Casandra #qconnewyork #data

Tomorrows Mobile

Designing for Engagement by Jaimee Newberry

Twitter feedback on this session included:

@rundavidrun: The entire app experience should *delight your users* from onboarding to visuals, copy, and game elements. @jaimeejaimee #qconnewyork

Social Events

Twitter feedback on social events included:


@mydibba: @TW_Gary @The_Quacker virtual graffiti wall "Stop Working, Start Amazing" #qconnewyork

@The_Quacker: The virtual graffiti wall #qconnewyork welcome party with #thoughtworks

@rickasaurus: so glad to be at #qcon. Met a bunch of interesting data science people tonight.

@psnively: #qconnewyork speakers' dinner w/@runarorama @rickasaurus @richhickey

@frankgreco: Great, fun #nyjavasig meeting at #qconnewyork this evening with @steveonjava on Hacking the Raspberry Pi with Java 8, JFX and lambdas.

@AgileSteveSmith: Achievements unlocked: drinking gin w/ @EricMinick , debating #snowden patriotism w/ @davefarley77 and some bemused Americans #qconnewyork


Impressions reported via Twitter:


@rodpetrovic: The lesson that keeps repeating itself at #qconnewyork is: measure everything.

@tedoutloud: Think of data as a platform. Think of your biz as a platform. Influences arch design. My #qcontakeaway #qconnewyork

@alexshyba: Biggest lesson today- build for failure! #qconnewyork

@silentbicycle: Missed the last 2 sessions tweaking my presentation, but #QConNewYork is making early versions of all videos available to attendees. :)

@BrianGarofola: #qconnewyork theme: two keys to continuous delivery of reliable SOA are canaries and monitoring

@tedoutloud: Good unconference! My #qcontakeaway - Influencing org change is like dev in that I target small incremental change not big bang #qconnewyork

@tedoutloud: #qcontakeaway - Platforms change but design patterns remain and continue to simplify, deliver and facilitate communication. #qconnewyork

@devshorts: #qconnewyork just had a great unconf about computer architecture and high perf financial software

@tedoutloud: Great unconference again. I've never done them til this conference & I'm leaving as a huge fan. #qconnewyork

@devshorts: Qcon it's been great! Amazing conference, can't even describe how much I've learned these past few days #qconnewyork

Opinions about QCon

Twitter opinions on QCon New York 2013 included:


@billwscott: #qconnewyork #leanstartup cool way to give speaker feedback. Talking about an MVP... Apparently year problems w app

@slippy51: I know I at geeky conference because I keep getting compliments on Voltron shirt. #qconnewyork

@slippy51: I know I at a really geeky conference because some actually translated the Japanese writing on my Voltron shirt. #qconnewyork

@zef: Very inspiring environment at #QConNewYork. A lot of ideas that have been stewing in my head for months and years all start to click.

@ajay_aggarwal: Great experience #qconnewyork meeting with some of the smartest people in the industry. 


The second annual QCon New York brought together 500 attendees and more than 100 speakers, providing deep insights into real-world architectures and state of the art software development practices, from a practioner’s perspective.   QCon's focus on practitioner-driven content is reflected in the fact that the program committee that selects the talks and speakers is itself comprised of technical practitioners from the software development community. QCon New York was produced by QCon New York will continue to run in New York around June of every year. QCon also returns to San Francisco this November and in sunny Sao Paulo, Brazil next month.  QCon London, Beijing, and Tokyo will take place next year in the March to April timeframe. Presentations and interviews from QCon New York event will be posted on InfoQ over the coming months.

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