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  • Introducing Spring Boot Migrator

    Spring Boot Migrator (SBM) is an experimental Spring project first released in March 2022. SBM allows developers to convert existing, non Spring Boot applications, which are based on technologies such as JAX-RS, EJB and JMS to Spring Boot or upgrade older Spring Boot applications to the latest version.

  • Managing Complex Dependencies with Distributed Architecture at eBay

    The eBay engineering team recently outlined how they came up with a scalable release system. The release solution leverages distributed architecture to release more than 3,000 dependent libraries in about two hours. The team is using Jenkins to perform the release in combination with Groovy scripts.

  • Apache NetBeans 13 Delivers Improved Developer Experience

    The Apache Software Foundation has released Apache NetBeans 13, their integrated development environment (IDE), claiming a simpler and smoother startup experience along with the partial upgrade of Maven, Gradle, and PHP. Written in Java and originally designed for the Java community, NetBeans is a cross-platform, polyglot IDE that includes language support for HTML5, PHP, and C/C++.

  • Migrating Neo4j Graph Schemas with Neo4j Migrations

    Neo4j Labs has released Neo4j Migrations, a database migration and refactoring tool that offers version control for relational databases. Inspired by FlywayDB, the tool supports migrations based on Cypher statements or Java. Triggering the migrations is possible via the CLI, Maven plugin, or a Spring Boot starter.

  • Building Large-Scale iOS Apps at Airbnb

    The Airbnb iOS team addressed the challenge of its growing mobile app codebase and complexity by adopting new tools and processes, including a modern build systems, module types, and dev apps.

  • Pants Build System Adds Support for Java, Scala, and Go

    In its upcoming release, now available to early adopters, build system Pants adds Java, Scala, and Go to previously supported Python. InfoQ has spoken with Benjy Weinberger, one of the creator of Pants alongside John Sirois, and currently CEO of Toolchain, Pants' main sponsor.

  • JetBrains Releases IntelliJ IDEA 2021.1

    JetBrains has released IntelliJ IDEA 2021.1 featuring support for Java 16, a new preview feature that instantly renders HTML changes, and support for WSL 2. is supported and it’s possible to run applications on Docker, WSL 2, or via SSH. Various other improvements include support for Docker, Kubernetes, Kotlin, Git and others.

  • Java News Roundup - Week of April 5th, 2021

    A roundup of stories in the Java ecosystem for the week of April 5th.

  • Convert Spring Boot Apps to GraalVM with Spring Native Beta

    Spring has released Spring Native Beta, a new tool to convert existing Spring Boot applications, written in Java or Kotlin, to GraalVM native images. The goal is to support Spring Boot applications on Spring Native. GraalVM native images are small, optimized and boot quickly. The tradeoffs, however, are longer build times and fewer runtime optimizations compared to the JVM.

  • Eclipse Credentials Leak Affects Snapshot Builds

    Deployment credentials on the Nexus Repository Manager have leaked in GitHub. The issue received broad attention when a vulnerability report was submitted in mid-February. The credentials were encrypted, however, the master password was leaked as well. Although the master password wasn’t stored in plain text, it’s relatively easy to decode and can then be used to decrypt the other credentials.

  • JFrog to Shut down JCenter and Bintray

    JFrog has announced that it is shutting down the Bintray asset hosting service, which includes the JCenter Java repository, often used by Gradle and Android builds. Uploads to Bintray will be blocked at the end of the month, and assets will be unavailable for download after the end of April, and deleted shortly afterwards. Read on to find out what this means for your Java build pipelines.

  • Npm 7 Now Generally Available, Supports Workspaces and Deterministic Builds

    The recently released npm 7 adds several features requested by developers, e.g. support for workspaces, better support for peer-dependency management, or deterministically reproducible builds. npm 7 is a big release that includes several breaking changes aiming at improving the overall developer experience.

  • mvnd: Maven's Speed Daemon, a Conversation with Peter Palaga and Guillaume Nodet

    At almost 20 years old, Maven still remains Java's World build tool with the biggest market share (more than 60%). To adapt to today's needs of agility and shorter release cycles mvnd - Maven Daemon brings that needed speed using techniques made popular by Takari or Gradle.

  • Bazel Will Be the New Build System for the Android Open Source Project

    Google has announced that the Android Open Source Project (AOSP), which provides the foundations for all Android-labelled OSes available in the market and more derivative OSes, will transition to use Bazel as its new build tool.

  • Camille Fournier on Effectively Managing Internal Platform Teams

    Camille Fournier, managing director, head of platform engineering for Two Sigma, recently shared her learnings from managing internal platform engineering teams. Two of the key challenges she shares are the smaller size of the customer base and the challenge in understanding how your customers will use your product.