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Mobile App Build Automation with Buildozer

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Mobile App Build Automation with Buildozer

Egeniq released Buildozer, a cloud-based build automation tool for mobile applications. Currently it supports build and distribution for iOS and Android applications. The primary goal of Buildozer is to speed up development by completely automating the build and distribution process. The service is still marked as beta.

Similar to continuous integration systems, Buildozer observes the code repository of an application. If it detects changes, it triggers a new build and distributes the signed application to developers and testers. Applications are distributed by mail or via an accompanying mobile app. Buildozer does not support Testflight yet, but already features Testflight distribution as an upcoming feature on its website.

Buildozer is able to connect to Git and Subversion source code repositories. Developers have to provide a user and password or certificate which will be securely stored on the build-server. Builds that are ready for testing are stored in a secure bucket on Amazon S3.

Besides building an application, Buildozer also applies various validations to improve overall product quality. For instance, applications are verified to be app store ready.

Monthly subscription fees for Buildozer reach from free to $179, depending on the number of projects, monthly builds, data traffic and other account features.

Buildozer is developed by Egeniq, a Netherlands based company in the field of mobile application development. Besides actual development, Egeniq also offers services related to architecture and consultancy.

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