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D3 Announces 5.0 Release of SVG, Canvas, and HTML Library for Manipulating Data

by Dylan Schiemann Follow 8 Followers on  Apr 12, 2018

The D3 team has announced their 5.0 release, which embraces several newer asynchronous patterns such as promises and fetch, and updates key visualization APIs.

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Kevin Miyashiro on Agilility Readiness Canvas

by Savita Pahuja Follow 3 Followers on  Jun 18, 2016

Kevin Miyashiro describes Agilility Readiness Canvas and its benefits to an organization.


Flipboard Pushing Boundaries With Its Web Version Release

by João Paulo Marques Follow 0 Followers on  Mar 04, 2015

Recently, Flipboard has released the web version of its social-network aggregation magazine-format reader. This release aims to bring to the browser the same reading experience users have on Flipboard native applications. To accomplish it, the team responsible for the development had to push boundaries in web technologies to match its native apps counterparts.


BrainBrowser: v2.0 of JavaScript Library for Neuroimaging Released

by James Chesters Follow 2 Followers on  Jul 08, 2014

BrainBrowser -- the JavaScript library for web-based 3D visualization tools aimed at neuroimaging -- has released version 2.0.


Canvas-Based Chart.js Version 0.1 Released

by Tim Heckel Follow 0 Followers on  Mar 19, 2013

Chart.js, a canvas-driven Javascript charting library, was released under the MIT open source license by Nick Downie on March 17th as an alternative to SVG-based charting libraries.


Lienzo 1.0: A Scene Graph API In Java For The HTML5 Canvas

by Kostis Kapelonis Follow 0 Followers on  Jan 25, 2013 5

Lienzo 1.0 is a new GWT library offering an advanced API over the HTML5 Canvas. AS well as the low level operations already offered by Canvas in GWT, Lienzo adds a rich set of GUI primitives such as shapes, zooming, animations, drag-and-drop, event handling and more


HTML5 and Canvas 2D Are Feature Complete

by Abel Avram Follow 11 Followers on  Dec 28, 2012

HTML5 and Canvas 2D have reached Candidate Recommendation status, High Resolution Time and Navigation Timing are Recommendation, while HTML 5.1 and Canvas 2D Context Level 2 are Working Drafts.


HTML5 Wish List for 2011: Interview with Michael Mullany

by Dio Synodinos Follow 4 Followers on  Jan 24, 2011

Michael Mullany from Sencha has published a list of things that would benefit HTML5 during 2011. InfoQ has interviewed Michael in order to get some more details regarding his vision.

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