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  • Closures and Preserving the Feel of Java

    During the last few years, there has been wide-ranging discussion about adding closures to the Java language, either as part of Java SE 7, or in some future, unspecified release. At Javapolis, Joshua Bloch presented his opinion about the controversy, and why he feels that CICE is a more suitable approach.

  • Understanding the ActionScript Virtual Machine for Java Developers

    The ActionScript Virtual Machine 2 (AVM2) executes ActionScript 3.0 (AS3) bytecode in the Flash Player 9 runtime. ActionScript 3 is an Object Oriented programming language, used by developers to build Flash based applications in Adobe Flex and AIR.

  • The Dark Side of Closures

    Closures are not a new concept and in LINQ have proven to be incredibly useful. But they do have a dark side when used to break encapsulation. When two seemingly independent functions are tied together, unexpected results can occur.

  • Catching up with Closures for Java

    Neal Gafter recently gave a presentation at JavaOne and Jazoon '07 entitled "Closures for Java". The presentation is an accessible but thorough introduction to closures, the goals, the problem with existing solutions, all presented in a conversational style.

  • Consensus Reached on Closure Proposals

    Neal Gafter has announced a consensus proposal for closures in Java. All but one of the authors of the three biggest closure proposals (BGGA, FCM, CICE) has signed on as supporting the JSR.

  • Java Closure Proposals Compared, JCA Position Paper Announced

    Howard Lovatt, the author of the C3S proposal for closures in Java, has written a detailed comparison of the four best known proposals (C3S, FCM, CICE, and BGGA). At the same time the authors of the FCM proposal have released a new position paper building on FCM for control abstraction. Ricky Clarkson thinks that CICE is insufficient and wonders if internal politics at Google are affecting it.

  • InfoQ Interview: Joshua Bloch on Closures, Needed Java Features, Google

    In this video interview, Core Java language designer Joshua Bloch talks with InfoQ about the need for Closures, Functional Programming, Java's need for better resource management, Java Puzzlers, and cool stuff Google is doing with Java.

  • New Closures Proposal from Doug Lea, Josh Bloch, and Bob Lee

    A new proposal for adding closures to Java 7 has been proposed by Josh Bloch, Doug Lea, and Bob Lee. It was drafted in response to the other major proposal currently in the works. Lee notes that the goal of the new proposal is to try to find a balance between the power of closures and the weight of new syntax.

  • Closures Proposed for Java SE 7

    Some of the main architects of the Java language) have put out a proposal for adding closures and local functions to Java SE 7, a feature that Smalltalk users always raved about, which is common in scripting langauges and even C# supports them. The reactions from the community have been over all quite positive.