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  • Java 10 Could Bring Upgraded Lambdas

    A new JEP proposes enhancements to lambda functionality, including better disambiguation, use of the underscore for unused parameters, and shadowing of outer variables. Although these changes would bring lambdas in Java closer to other languages', the community seems divided for now. This JEP complements a series of other proposals to improve the Java language with type inference and better enums.

  • Groovy 2.3 Released With Traits and Java 8 Support

    Groovy Project Manager at Pivotal Guillaume Laforge today announced the release of Groovy 2.3, the first major Groovy release this year, and the first major release of Groovy to feature official support for running on the recently released Java 8.

  • Java 8 On Track for March Release

    After a slight delay the long anticipated release of Java 8 is now on back on track and scheduled for release on March 18.

  • Java 8 Delayed to 2014 by Ongoing Security Woes

    Oracle Java Platform Chief Architect Mark Reinhhold has announced that Oracle has decided to delay the release schedule of Java 8.

  • Google Open Sources Leak Finder, a JavaScript Tool for Detecting Memory Leaks

    Google has open sourced Leak Finder, a tool inspecting the heap of JavaScript applications in order to find memory leaks.

  • Google+ Technological Details

    Google Plus, the social network from Google, is built mostly on Java and JavaScript while Hangouts, its video conferencing framework, uses a client-server approach.

  • Lambda Syntax Survey

    The lambda syntax is under discussion again at lambda-dev mail list, but this time, they're actively courting opinions. Four alternate syntaxes are proposed, and there's a survey to fill out to record your thoughts. Please take time to look at the syntax and vote on your favourites.

  • First Version of Java Lambda Syntax Sparks Debate

    A few days ago Maurizio Cimadamore from Oracle pushed the initial lambda implementation in the OpenJDK Mercurial Repositories. This provided a first glimpse into the new syntax and has created controversy in the community.

  • Mark Reinhold on Closures for Java

    Following on from last week's surprise announcement at Devoxx that Sun would be adding closures to Java, Mark Reinhold has published a blog entry providing more background to the decision.

  • JDK 7 Unexpectedly Gets “Simple” Closures, but is Pushed Back to End of 2010

    During his Devoxx talk, Mark Reinhold has announced that JDK 7 will have Closures. With the inclusion of this much debated feature, JDK 7 schedule will be extended until around September 2010.

  • Java 7 Roadmap Updated: Reactions

    During Devoxx Mark Reinhold, Chief Engineer for Java SE, gave a presentation about the latest directions for Java 7, alongside a release date in early 2010. Although Mark described his presentation as a provisional plan and not binding, there have been many reactions from the community, especially regarding the omission of Closures.

  • Using Closures to Improve API Design and Usage

    Some APIs such as those that perform complex parsing often expose intermediate results via events. As Eric White demonstrates, closures can be used to greatly simplify calling these APIs.

  • Interview: Neal Gafter Discusses Closures, Language Features and Optional Typing

    In this interview from QCon London 2008, Neal Gafter discusses upcoming language features in Java 7, superpackages, what closures are, the differences between the three major closures proposals (CICE, FCM and BGGA), optional typing systems for dynamic languages, and the next major language.

  • Parallelism with Fork/Join in Java 7

    As the number of processor cores available on modern hardware increases, it's becoming ever more important for developers to develop in ways that take advantage of the new hardware. The Fork/Join library in Java 7 helps solve this problem.

  • The state of the Lambda in Ruby 1.9

    One of Ruby 1.9's little additions is a new, more concise way to create lambda functions, amongst some other clarifications in the way Blocks work. We take a look at the changes and the reasons for them.