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  • Multiple Output Files using T4

    T4 is Visual Studio’s built-in code generator. Though fundamental for many of the frameworks built atop .NET, it is incredibly under-powered. Even the simplest things like intelligently reusing templates or emitting multiple files seem beyond it at first glance. Yet developers such as Damien Guard are finding of ways to improve it.

  • Role of Code Generation in Java Application Development

    With the recent release of code generation tools such as Spring Roo from SpringSource, Skyway Builder Community Edition version 6.3 and BluAge's M2Spring, there is a renewed focus on the role of code generation in developing enterprise Java applications. InfoQ spoke with project leads from Spring Roo and Skyway products about how the code generation fits in the java application development.

  • Spring Roo 1.0 M1 Released

    The recent release of Spring Roo, a round-tripping code generation tool used to develop Spring applications in Java, offers Tomcat, JMS and Selenium support. SpringSource development team released Roo 1.0 M1 version last week.

  • C# 4.0 "Fixes" Deadlock Issue

    C# 4.0 implemented a change that assured optimized and non -optimized compiles yielded consistent results. This "Fix" emphasized some design problems with locking mechanisms.

  • Skyway Builder Community Edition Supports Code Generation For Spring Applications

    The latest version of Skyway Builder Community Edition (CE) offers an open-source code generation framework for Spring based web applications. The community edition can be used to generate the code required in data, service and web layers of a Spring application. Skyway Software recently announced the general availability (GA) of Skyway Builder 6.1 version.

  • Using T4 in ASP.NET MVC

    ASP.NET MVC is using T4 (Text Template Transformation Toolkit) to generate the code behind the scenes when a Controller or a View is added to a project. T4 is a fully customizable text generator based on templates.

  • Create Your Own VS Item Templates

    If you find yourself writing the same sort of class over and over again, custom item templates could be your solution. Shahar Y. shows how to create your own custom Visual Studio Item Templates.

  • Article: Best Practices for Model-Driven Software Development

    Model-driven software development no longer belongs to the fringes of the industry but is being applied in more and more software projects with great success. In this article, experienced MDD practitioners pass on some best practices based on the experiences gathered over years of development.

  • Article: Domain Driven Design and Development In Practice

    Domain-Driven Design is a subject where there currently are very few examples of how to actually do it in practice. In this article, Srini Penchikala gives you guidelines, practices, frameworks and tools that technical leads and architects can use in the effort of implementing a system in a Domain-Driven way.

  • Presentation: Intentional Software

    Business users doing programming? Charles Simonyi and Henk Kolk presents how Intentional Software offers a radical new software approach that separates business knowledge from software engineering knowledge, which means that business experts can be more innovative and responsive to the changes in the domain.

  • Using JRuby to generate Code for the JVM

    While JRuby's performance keeps increasing, there are still algorithms that are faster if implemented in Java. We look at different approaches to solve this: RubyInline for JRuby, generating bytecode with a JRuby DSL and a new subset of Ruby called Duby.

  • Rapid web development with J2EE Spider

    J2EE Spider re-invigorates J2EE RAD development with visual interfaces (supplied via Eclipse) for generating code and round-trip engineering.

  • Introducing the Pipline Builder for the Add-In Framework

    The Add-In Framework, introduced in .NET 3.5, is designed to facilitate applications that need to support partially trusted add-ins. Unfortunately the framework is rather complex, taking a minimum of 7 assemblies in order to build even the simplest application. The code generation tool Pipeline Builder seeks to address this.

  • Treetop - PEG parser generator for Ruby

    Parsing Expression Grammars (PEG) are a type of recursive descent parsers that have become quite popular recently. Now Ruby gets its own PEG parser generator with Treetop.

  • Separating business logic from technology: Kathleen Dollard on a new view of code generation

    Even the most successful project becomes a failure when a new technology comes out and everything has to be rewritten from the ground. This is why business logic has to be separated from technology. And, according to Kathleen Dollard, code generation is a promising approach to achieve it.


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