The Vorto Project - Advanced Device Integration

Posted by Alexander Edelmann  on  Jul 16, 2015 Posted by Alexander Edelmann Follow 0 Followers , Olaf Weinmann Follow 0 Followers  on  Jul 16, 2015

Olaf Weinmann, Alexander Edelmann introduce the Vorto project, an approach to leverage the standardization of Information Models, providing a few examples for code generators.


Taking the Long View: Code Generation and Software Maintenance

Posted by Andrew Watson  on  Oct 20, 2013 Posted by Andrew Watson Follow 0 Followers , Rainer Koschke Follow 0 Followers , Wim Bast Follow 0 Followers , Sven Efftinge Follow 0 Followers , David Akehurst Follow 0 Followers  on  Oct 20, 2013

The panelists discuss if code generation techniques help or hinder long-term software maintenance, and how such techniques can be integrated in the maintenance process.


Model-driven Development in the Context of Technical SOA

Posted by Christoph Gutmann  on  Sep 08, 2013 Posted by Christoph Gutmann Follow 0 Followers , Michael Rauch Follow 0 Followers  on  Sep 08, 2013

Michael Rauch and Christoph Gutmann explain how Eclipse Modeling technology is successfully applied to establish forward engineering in the domain of technical SOA.


The Past, Present and Future of Code Generation

Posted by Sven Efftinge  on  Jul 20, 2013 5 Posted by Sven Efftinge Follow 0 Followers  on  Jul 20, 2013 5

Sven Efftinge keynotes on the history, the current status and the future of code generation tools and techniques.


Automatic Performance Programming?

Posted by Markus Püschel  on  Apr 26, 2012 Posted by Markus Püschel Follow 0 Followers  on  Apr 26, 2012

Markus Püschel proposes to solve scientific calculation performance problems with code generation tools, introducing Spiral, an automatic performance programming framework for linear transforms.


Modeling the User Interface

Posted by Pedro J. Molina  on  Oct 26, 2011 6 Posted by Pedro J. Molina Follow 0 Followers  on  Oct 26, 2011 6

Pedro J. Molina discusses the concepts behind UI and challenges met trying to model user interfaces, and how code generation can be used to create UIs.


Acceleo: And You Thought You Knew Template-based Generators?

Posted by Stéphane Bégaudeau  on  Sep 28, 2011 Posted by Stéphane Bégaudeau Follow 0 Followers  on  Sep 28, 2011

Stéphane Bégaudeau discusses Acceleo, an open source code generator based on EMF and MOFM2T, presenting its basic concepts, how it was created, how it can be improved, deployed, and used.


Model Driven Development Beyond Code Generation

Posted by Darius Silingas  on  Aug 04, 2011 1 Posted by Darius Silingas Follow 0 Followers  on  Aug 04, 2011 1

Darius Silingas discusses Test-driven Modeling, Model-driven Requirements Management and System Documentation, and Architecture Planning & Code Review, noting that MDD is more than code generation.


Visual Studio v. Eclipse: a Comparison of Automation Tooling

Posted by Ian Goodsell  on  Jul 18, 2011 2 Posted by Ian Goodsell Follow 0 Followers  on  Jul 18, 2011 2

Ian Goodsell presents the methodology for creating Eclipse and Visual Studio-based toolkits, and introduce Visual Studio Pattern Automation Toolkit, a toolkit for toolkit developers.


Code Generation on the JVM: Writing Code that Writes Code

Posted by Hamlet D'Arcy  on  Mar 31, 2011 3 Posted by Hamlet D'Arcy Follow 0 Followers  on  Mar 31, 2011 3

Hamlet D`Arcy demonstrates some of the Groovy tools useful to increase productivity by generating code at compile time: Project Lombok and AST Transforms.


Extreme Productivity in Application Development with Roo

Posted by Ben Alex  on  Sep 03, 2009 1 Posted by Ben Alex Follow 0 Followers  on  Sep 03, 2009 1

Ben Alex demonstrates the creation of an enterprise Java application using Roo, a SpringSource open code generation tool, intended to help developers to be more productive without losing flexibility.


Intentional Software - Democratizing Software Creation

Posted by Charles Simonyi  on  May 15, 2008 3 Posted by Charles Simonyi Follow 0 Followers , Henk Kolk Follow 0 Followers  on  May 15, 2008 3

Business users doing programming? Simonyi and Kolk presents how Intentional Software offers a radical new software approach that separates business knowledge from software engineering knowledge.

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