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Extreme Productivity in Application Development with Roo



Ben Alex demonstrates the creation of an enterprise Java application using Roo, a SpringSource open code generation tool, intended to help developers to be more productive without losing flexibility.


Ben Alex is Principal Software Engineer at SpringSource. He is also the Creator of Spring Security (Acegi) and Project Lead for Roo. Ben has spoken at various conferences, The Spring Experience, SpringOne, JavaOne and The Server Side Java Symposium and he has authored the security chapter of the book "Professional J2EE Development with Spring Framework" published by Wiley.

About the conference

SpringOne is the annual conference for the global Spring community held in both Europe and the Americas. SpringOne Europe 2009 focused on the emerging technologies and best practices around the Spring Framework and enterprise software development. The event featured the project founders, core committers, authors, consultants, project leads, and professional trainers.

Recorded at:

Sep 03, 2009

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Community comments

  • Status

    by Dorel Vaida,

    Your message is awaiting moderation. Thank you for participating in the discussion.

    Ben, I know you guys were working on some refactorings to make it easier to write addons for roo. Would you be able to tell what's the status of that?

    Also you have mentioned a GWT addon being developed, can you detail a bit on that? Who's working on that ?

    Are there any efforts on a Google app engine plugin ?

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