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  • Agile – A Way of Life and Pragmatic Use of Authority

    Vinay Aggarwal shares many instances in life where authority is needed and lack of authority allows for extremely costly mistakes. He then explicitly suggests where authority could and should be used in Agile environments.

  • Spring.NET - QnA

    InfoQ had a chance to sit down with Aleksandar Seovic and Mark Pollack the co-creaters of Spring.NET. Spring.NET is an application framework that brings AOP, a Dependency Injection container and data access framework to .NET. It is not a complete port of Spring to .NET yet it preserves the tenets of Spring.

  • Will the Enterprise change Ruby, or will Ruby change the Enterprise?

    Ruby is often criticized for lacking the features required for developing large applications and maintaining them over long periods of time with large teams. Are we missing something fundamental for widescale adoption of Ruby in the enterprise?

  • Ruby and Rails: In your face... but out of your way

    Ruby on Rails is in many ways a system in itself. But in many, many other ways, Rails exposes, explores, and exploits its connections to Ruby, rather than hiding or disguising them. David A. Black, author of the book Ruby for Rails from Manning, shares his thoughts on whether or not Rails developers should take the time to master Ruby.