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How to Deal with COTS Products in a DevOps World by Mirco Hering Posted on Jul 24, 2016 Mirco Hering explains why we shouldn't leave COTS products (and the people working on them) left behind in a DevOps world. With creative solutions we can apply good practices from custom software. This leads to a significant effort reduction in the long term.

How Composite C1 Found Success by Becoming Open Source by Jonathan Allen Posted on Mar 13, 2014 In today’s environment it is difficult to offer commercial products, especially in highly competitive fields such as content management systems. Finding themselves being squeezed out of the market, Composite C1 found a way to thrive by releasing their core product under an open source license with cloud based hosting. 2

JetBrains Developer Tools by Michael Hunger Posted on Nov 25, 2010 JetBrains is one of the few companies that thrives selling developer tools. In this interview you get some insight in their strategies, current and new products and future plans. 5