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Engine Yard Introduces Commercial JRuby Support

by Mirko Stocker on  Apr 04, 2010

Engine Yard, the employer of most of JRuby's core team, started offering commercial support for JRuby this week.

As-a-Service Approaching Parity with Traditional Offerings

by Steven Robbins on  Mar 13, 2008

"as-a-Service" offerings are approaching parity with the more traditional software models on the market. Recent developments from both new and well established vendors in areas such as SaaS applications, infrastructure, cloud computing, development tools, runtime platforms, and configuration have increased the functionality, and perhaps the acceptance, of "as-a-Service" among more clients.

Mingle from ThoughtWorks is Big Win for JRuby

by Sam Aaron Obie Fernandez on  May 07, 2007

In what may turn out to be an interesting foreshadowing of the future of Ruby, ThoughtWorks Studios announces that their upcoming Agile IT project management application, Mingle, will be the world’s first commercial application to run on JRuby.

How Many Rubies Does the Future Hold?

by Obie Fernandez on  Oct 25, 2006 3

RubyConf 2006 still fresh in their memory, some Rubyists are beginning to wonder if the future of Ruby includes fragmentation, particularly given the large number of competing and potentially-incompatible platforms in development.