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  • DoorDash Uses CockroachDB to Create Config Management Platform for Microservices

    DoorDash created a configuration management platform to help its logistics team maintain the growing number of business preferences and configuration values. The company used CockroachDB for persistence and simplified the architecture compared with the previous solution. The new platform enables experimentation, improves configuration value lifecycle, and provides flexibility and extendibility.

  • NubesGen Brings Git Push to Azure Infrastructure

    With a new command-line interface (CLI) available in its v0.8.0 release, NubesGen can now automatically find its configuration, and set up a GitOps workflow for deploying Infrastructure as Code into Azure, allowing developers to easily get up and running with cloud infrastructure for their projects. InfoQ interviewed Julien Dubois, project leader of NubesGen, on the product and where it’s headed.

  • What's New in MicroProfile 5.0

    Delivered under the auspices of the MicroProfile Working Group and five months after the release of MicroProfile 4.1, the anticipated release of MicroProfile 5.0 was made available to the Java community. This new release features alignment with Jakarta EE 9.1 and updates to all eight community-developed core APIs and one standalone API.