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  • How to Mitigate the Pain of Getting and Giving Feedback

    Companies that encourage open and honest feedback do better than companies that do not. Nonetheless, giving feedback is difficult because social and physical pain share some of the same neural circuitry. Hence, feedback can feel physically painful, as Sarah Hagan discusses in her 2018 QCon San Francisco talk . Hagan uses scientific research to demonstrate how to give feedback properly.

  • Agile, Architecture and the 5am Production Problem

    Can refactoring and unit testing really create robust “working software” that survives the real world? In this story adapted from his book Release It! Michael Nygard contends that "abstractions leak": we need to attend to architecture, even in Agile projects, to guard ourselves against the 5AM failures that occur when foundational abstractions misbehave.

  • ESB Alternative - Article removed at the author's request

    This article was removed from InfoQ at the author's request.

  • Do Agile Practices Make it an Agile Project?

    Use of Agile methodologies is growing, but this comes with its own challenges: including the possibility of dilution as teams copy practices rather than growing them, implementing them without understanding. Perhaps it's time to talk about how failure to teach the basics puts much at risk: the integrity and engagement of team members, and the trust of their customers.