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  • ESB: A Modest Proposal

    SOA expert John Harby proposes an alternative structure for the ESB which is more distributed, federated, registry centric and solves some of the concerns raised about the bus topology for SOA including vendor lock-in, ESB feature overkill and the emergence of a new architectural stovepipe.

  • InfoQ Article: Do Agile Practices Make it an Agile Project?

    As adoption of Agile methodologies grows, challenges abound, including the possibility of dilution as teams copy practices rather than growing them, implementing them without understanding. InfoQ's own Deb Hartmann gives us a frank discussion about how failure to teach the basics puts much at risk: the integrity and engagement of team members, and the trust of their customers.

  • Opinion: Take Agile Off Your Resume

    Yesterday Steve Yegge blogged about development practices under the title "Good Agile, Bad Agile". He wrote about "Good Agile" at Google, "Bad Agile" almost everywhere else, and offered consultants and job hunters some professional advice: drop the name.

  • Opinion: Agile Forgets the Human Factor

    Kevin Brady, self-declared Agile critic, has a problem with Agile software development approaches: he feels that while they look great on paper. they fail to work in reality because they forget the human factor. Commenters on his blog entry question whether Agile or poor implementation lie at fault.

  • Event Driven Architecture

    Event Driven Architecture (EDA) is a term promoted by Gartner to describe an evolved state of Enterprise software characterized by real time events. EDA has been associated to its detriment with SOA 2.0, however, there may be technical legitimacy to some of the EDA ideas.


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