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  • Crystal Language That Aims at C Performance with Ruby Syntax Releases 1.0

    Crystal, a new object-oriented, compiled systems programming language that aims to blend the conciseness and friendliness of Ruby with the efficiency of C, recently released its first major version. Crystal 1.0 has a syntax close to Ruby’s and features statically inferred types, C bindings, and macros. Crystal may attract developers with a Ruby/Rails, Elixir/Phoenix background.

  • Agile Presentations Prevalent at SDWest 2007

    Dr. Dobb's SDWest is a well known developers' conference taking place this week. Although this is not an 'Agile' conference, numerous presentations and the first two keynotes are from the Agile world. The SDWest Show Daily, an online news source for the conference, has reported on topics of interest to Agile practitioners, from TDD to SOA.

  • InfoQ Interview: Alistair Cockburn

    At Agile2006 InfoQ interviewed Alistair Cockburn, methodology creator, author and long-time leader in the Agile community. Topics discussed ranged from the history of the Agile movement to the future of methodologies, with a look at User Stories and Use Cases along the way. This interview uncovers how his research for IBM may have sparked the creation of the Agile Manifesto.

  • Book Excerpt: Agile Software Development, 2nd ed.

    In this updated classic on Agile software development, Alistair Cockburn adds reflections from five more years of practice and research. InfoQ brings you Chapter 1, in which he's compared software development with another team-cooperative game - rock climbing - and two common comparison partners, engineering and model building, in order to explore alternate ways of thinking about the work we do.

  • 2nd Edition of Alistair Cockburn's Classic Book Published

    Agile Software Development: The Cooperative Game (2nd ed.) by Alistair Cockburn launched this week, adding new insights in several new "Evolution" chapters. This seminal book for Agile practitioners is now expanded, addressing timely topics like: the controversial relationship between Agile methods and user experience design, Agile and CMMI, and writing "custom contracts."