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  • Notes From the DDD Europe 2018 Conference

    The recently held DDD Europe 2018 conference in Amsterdam was the third in order and saw almost 700 attendees. The conference has a focus on Domain-Driven Design (DDD), and included four keynotes, 19 presentations, one track for open space and 17 sessions focused on live coding or hands-on. Notable speakers included Eric Evans, Dave Snowden, Rebecca Wirfs-Brock and Cyrille Martraire.

  • Finding Bounded Contexts Using Domain Storytelling

    When working with Domain-Driven Design (DDD), bounded context is a core concept. Domain storytelling is a way of finding how people and systems work together within a domain which then can be used to identify the bounded contexts and how they are interconnected, Stefan Hofer and Henning Schwentner explained at the recent DDD Europe 2018 conference in Amsterdam.

  • Retroactive and Future Events in an Event Sourced System

    When Thomas Pierrain started a new project with an asset management company, one important requirement was the ability to go back in time to understand why they took decisions that today look strange. At the recent DDD Europe 2018 conference in Amsterdam, Pierrain discussed his experiences when building an event sourced system that included some temporal challenges.

  • Evolving CQRS and Event Sourced Systems

    After talking with people about upgrading of CQRS and event sourced systems, Michiel Overeem came to the conclusion that many working with event sourced systems lack an understanding and don’t know how to approach the problem. At the recent DDD Europe 2018 conference in Amsterdam he described how this was a trigger for him to do an exploratory research on how to evolve this kind of system.

  • Eric Evans: Practicing Domain-Driven Design

    For Eric Evans, who gave a keynote at the recent DDD Europe 2018 conference in Amsterdam, it’s important to explore and practice building software. He enjoys working with strategic patterns in Domain-Driven Design (DDD), but what he finds really interesting is taking a difficult domain and reason about it differently; breaking out of the mental box trying to find new concepts.