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Notes From the DDD Europe 2018 Conference

The recently held DDD Europe 2018 conference in Amsterdam was the third consecutive event, and saw almost 700 attendees. The conference has a focus on Domain-Driven Design (DDD), and this year it ran over two days preceded by two days of workshops.

The two days of pre-conference workshops contained eight workshops, among others:

During the two conference days, three tracks where dedicated to 19 presentations. One track was set for open space where attendees could raise their own questions or discuss solutions, problems and challenges. 17 sessions covering five tracks focused on live coding or hands-on, where the participants could bring a laptop and do some coding.

Both conference days started and ended with a keynote:

Besides the four keynotes, 19 presentations were held, including:

The 17 hands-on and live coding sessions during the conference included:

Besides this summary, notes from four presentations are published on InfoQ. All presentations at the conference were recorded and will be published during the coming months. The planning for DDD Europe 2019 has started but the exact date has not yet been set.

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