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  • Microsoft’s HTML5 Compliance Test Results Are Disputed by Google, Mozilla, and Opera [UPDATED]

    Microsoft has posted the results for 192 tests grouped in 8 categories for HTML5, SVG 1.1, CSS3, and DOM Level 2&3 showing that IE9 Preview passes all of them with flying colors while Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Safari have mixed results varying from 0% to 100% depending on the category. The conclusion, that IE9 is the most compliant with W3C standards, is contested by Google, Mozilla, Opera.

  • Is There Social BPM?

    Clay Richardson coined the term Social BPM, and there is much discussion on the Internet on the convergence of BPM and social media and their impact on each other.

  • Is Standalone BPMS Really Dead?

    In his latest post, Tom Baeyens argues that despite its usefulness, the time of BPMS has passed and suggests bringing BPM closer to its potential users – application developers.

  • Debate: What is the Role of an Operations Team in Software Development Today? [Updated May 10th]

    In the last several years, with the rise of such phenomena as Cloud Computing and DevOps, there has been some debate about the role of the traditional Operations team as it is often found in today's software development shops. InfoQ will explore this debate further, to get an understanding of the different aspects which are involved and the tradeoffs of each approach.

  • Is the 'C' Word Dividing the Agile Community?

    There has been a lot that has been said about Scrum Certifications. Some people like the idea and others oppose it vehemently. Ron Jeffries recently stated that though he has been writing about the good aspects of Scrum Alliance’s Certifications but he is concerned that the 'C' word is keeping away a lot of valuable members of the Agile community.

  • Debate: Is the Internet Splintering in Pieces?

    The Internet has been considered the medium that unites people all over the world facilitating communication, exchange of ideas and easing the access to information. Some consider that the Internet is departing from its original purpose due to the proliferation of devices which make porting of documents to various platforms difficult.

  • Is Symbian’s Open Sourcing Too Late?

    The Symbian Foundation announced their intention to open source the Symbian platform almost 20 months ago. While some consider this as an important move for the most deployed platform in mobile devices, others think that it is too late.

  • Debate: Microsoft’s RIA Services Code-generating Tools and Sound Architectural Principles

    Some developers consider that Microsoft's RIA Services code-generating tools are teaching bad architectural principles to developers while others consider the tools useful if used properly.

  • Is the NoSQL Meeting Announcing the End of the RDBMS Era?

    The NoSQL meeting tried to raise the awareness towards the opportunity of using non-relational databases which promise to be cheaper, simpler to administer and maintain, and offering superior scalability. Michael Stonebraker, co-creator of Ingres and Postgres, thinks that the end of RDBMS era is close, while others think that we are not there yet.

  • Is SOA Still Dead?

    Anne Thomas Manes continues blogging about SOA being dead, citing slowing software spends and SOA software infrastructure sales while other specialists blame the economy and people’s approach to SOA.

  • Debate: Is SOA Dead?

    Burton Group's Anne Thomas Manes wrote an obituary for SOA, saying SOA met its demise on January 1, 2009, when it was wiped out by the catastrophic impact of the economic recession. InfoQ has collected industry reactions.

  • Debate and more Insights on Dynamic vs. Static Languages

    The transcript of Steve Yegge’s presentation on dynamic languages in Stanford University, which he posted on his blog, triggered many reactions in the blog sphere. Cedric Beust, Ted Neward, Ola Beni and Greg Young provided their viewpoints and arguments on different tradeoffs involved in dynamic vs. static debate.

  • Should the Customer Care about Agile?

    The involvement of customer in an Agile project is taken for granted, however in many situations, intentionally or unintentionally, the customer may not follow the Agile practices. An interesting discussion on the Extreme Programming group tries to decipher the situation and find possible solutions.

  • Bedtime User Stories: Cowboys and Fairytales

    In which David Longstreet claims Agile Software Development is a Fairy Tale that just tries to legitimise Cowboy development, and Geoff Slinker invites him to write a Serious Article based on Logical Arguments and Citing Sources.

  • Cockburn on Testing: Real Programmers have GUTs

    In a moment of relaxation, Alistair Cockburn had the insight that we may be quibbling over inconsequentialities: "test before" or "test after," what's important to professional programmers is Good Unit Tests. Eureka!