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  • Giving Up on TDD

    This post summarizes the experience of a university professor who gave up on TDD and Uncle Bob’s rebuttal of his arguments.

  • Debate: Do We Need a Universal Web Bytecode?

    Is a universal web bytecode worth the trouble creating it? Is LLVM the solution? Which is better at running native code in the browser: Mozilla asm.js or Google PNaCl? This article contains opinions expressed on the web on these issues.

  • 10gen: MongoDB’s Fault Tolerance Is Not Broken

    A Cornell University professor claims MongoDB’s fault tolerance system is “broken by design”. 10gen responds through its Technical Director, rejecting the claims.

  • Is C Still A Suitable Language Today?

    Damien Katz, Couchbase, believes that C is still a great language for back-end programming, while other developers argue that C has too many flaws, supporting C++ or Java, while others like neither.

  • Cross Blog Debates Rage as California Attorney General turns heat up on Mobile Dev’s

    Kamala Harris sent shock waves through the mobile app developer community with her authoritarian ultimatum.Time is ticking on her recent 30-day warning of steep fines for mobile software developers selling mobile applications in the State of California that do not issue privacy warnings before their app is downloaded.

  • NoOps: Its Meaning and the Debate around It

    Some PaaS companies propose NoOps solutions where the developers do the minimum amount of operations needed, the rest of it being hidden in the cloud. But the NoOps term has sparked a debate, some considering it inappropriate.

  • Individual Yield

    Tony Wong, a project management blackbelt, enumerates some practical points on individual procutivity. This article wonders how well these apply to software development and contrasts his list with that of other lists.

  • Debate: The Annoying Detail

    Uncle Bob and Simon Brown debate on the infrastructure’s role in drawing a system’s architecture.

  • Debate: What’s the Reason For MySpace’s Decline?

    Some argue that MySpace has lost ground to Facebook because of their technology – Microsoft stack – and due to lack of enough talent in Los Angeles, while others opine that it is management’s fault and the departure of many people when the company was acquired by News Corp. in 2006.

  • What is a Commitment Anyway?

    Commitment is defined as the act of binding yourself to a course of action. In Scrum, commitment has a strong meaning and Scrum practitioners suggest that authentic Scrum is not possible if people are not keeping commitments. In-spite of this, forums have a lot of questions about commitments not being met. Do we understand the real meaning of commitment?

  • Agile is Just a Piece of the Puzzle

    Recently, there were a lot of views expressed around the so called downfall of Nokia and whether Scrum was helping the organization at all. Similar concerns and thoughts were raised when Toyota had recalled cars dues to quality issues. Is Agile 'the core' factor in product development ?

  • Is OpenID Living Up to Our Expectations?

    OpenID has promised to simplify the user authentication process across multiple websites, but some complain it has actually created more problems. 37signals, an early supporter of OpenID, has announced the decision to stop using it across its products. Is OpenID delivering what it promised?

  • Cloud Computing Trends in 2011

    As the new year is about to begin, research analysts have been peering into their crystal balls the last several months to define the top trends in cloud computing. Cloud Computing has moved from buzzword and hype to the real technology in the last 3 years. What do InfoQ readers think?

  • is the iPhone Development Environment Superior to Android's?

    John Blanco published a comparison between the iPhone and Android Development Environment. Even though he favors Java as a programming language, he believes that Xcode and the iPhone simulators are vastly superior to the tools provided by Google. Do you agree?

  • Does Agile Promote Perpetual Beta?

    Agile software development promotes teamwork, collaboration, and process adaptability throughout the life-cycle of the project. More often than not, this also leads to a lower time to market with a minimum marketable feature set. New features are slipped in every iteration and often the product remains in perpetual beta.