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  • Architexa aims to make UML quick and easy

    Architexa is a new Eclipse-based UML modeling tool that allows developers to quickly gain insight into code relationships through UML diagrams, and share what they find with others.

  • Is a picture always worth a thousand words?

    <p>Is a picture always worth a thousand words?</p> <p>In his recent article, &#8220;Why we write code and don&#8217;t just draw diagrams&#8221;, Dean Wampler argues that in software development the opposite is more often true. </p>

  • Reporting tool Ruport releases version 1.2

    Ruport, the Ruby reporting tool, was just released in version 1.2. Meanwhile, the Ruport Book effort is coming along as well.

  • Rails diagrams made easy with RailRoad

    Rails is occasionally criticized for lacking modeling tools, but the well-structured architecture of Rails applications makes those tools less necessary than with other tech. However, a simple class diagram can sometimes be worth a lot. RailRoad eases the generation of model and controller class diagrams.


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