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  • Survey Finds Tool Sprawl and Complex Architecture Key Challenges for Observability released their annual survey of the DevOps industry with the spotlight this year on observability. The key findings include that DevOps and observability tool sprawl is becoming an issue and complex architectures present the key challenge in implementing an observability solution. In the next year, they predict greater investment in observability with a focus on distributed tracing.

  • Merging OpenTracing and OpenCensus into a Single Distributed Tracing Framework

    The OpenTracing and OpenCensus projects have announced that they will merge into a single, unified project. The goals of the merge include creating a single instrumentation standard, maintaining essential functionality without including every feature from both projects, a loosely coupled architecture to enable pluggability, and cover within its scope traces, metrics and logs.

  • Three Pillars with Zero Answers: Rethinking Observability with Ben Sigelman

    At KubeCon NA, held in Seattle, USA, in December 2018, Ben Sigelman presented “Three Pillars, Zero Answers: We Need to Rethink Observability” and argued that many organisations may need to rethink their approach to metrics, logging and distributed tracing.

  • Building Observable Distributed Systems

    Today's systems are more and more complex; microservices distributed over the network and scaling dynamically, resulting in many more ways of failure, ways we can't always predict. Investing in observability gives us the ability to ask questions to systems, things we never thought about before. Some of the tools that can be used for this are metrics, tracing, structured and correlated logging.


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