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  • Aspects of Domain Model Management

    by Mats Helander on  Dec 23, 2007 38

    Using a domain model is rarely as easy as just creating the actual domain model classes and then using them. Soon enough one discovers that sizable amounts of infrastructure code will also be required in support of the domain model. In this article, Mats Helander explains how to use Domain Model Management to handle this complexity in a simple way.

  • Book Excerpt and Review: Applying Domain-Driven Design and Patterns with Examples in C# and .NET

    by Jonathan Allen on  Feb 14, 2007

    InfoQ has decided to bring you what we think is one of the best books on the subject: Applying Domain-Driven Design and Patterns by Jimmy Nilsson. Don't let the subtitle fool you; this book is on domain-driven design with techniques and discussions suitable for any object oriented programming language. InfoQ has arranged for a sample chapter from courtesy of Addison Wesley Professional.

  • Eric Evans on why DDD Matters Today

    by Eric Evans on  Dec 20, 2006 3

    In this excerpt from InfoQ's Domain-Driven Design Quickly, Eric Evans (author of the original book on DDD) explains why DDD matters today, how it fits into today's software development platforms, and what's been going on with DDD in the last few years.

Grails + EJB Domain Models Step-by-Step

Posted by Jason Rudolph on  Aug 22, 2006

A must-read tutorial showing how to use Grails (Java's Groovy answer to Ruby on Rails) to quickly build a functional website around an existing EJB 3 entity bean domain model with very little code. 22

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