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  • Pylance Is A New Python Language Server for Visual Studio Code

    Microsoft has announced Pylance, a new language server for Python aimed to help programmers to write better Python code and to improve IntelliSense and Visual Studio Code support for the language. Pylance will eventually replace Microsoft Python Language Server.

  • C# Futures: Null Check Operator

    In the June 24th C# Language Design Meeting, Microsoft made a subtle change to the parameter null checking syntax. By changing it from “Type parameterName!” to “Type parameterName!!” they effectively introduced a new ‘null check operator’.

  • Microsoft Releases gRPC-Web for .NET

    Last week, Microsoft released a production-ready implementation of the gRPC-Web protocol for .NET. Initially supported as an experimental feature, the component is now part of the grpc-dotnet project. The new component makes gRPC usable in the browser, allowing web applications to communicate directly with gRPC services without using an HTTP server as a proxy.

  • MAUI: a Multi-Platform App UI for .NET

    Last month, during the 2020 edition of Build, Microsoft announced the roadmap for .NET MAUI, a multi-platform framework for building native device applications. The new framework comes as an evolution of Xamarin.Forms, providing native features for Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows.

  • C# 9: Type Inference for the New Keyword

    In many situations, there is only one possible type allowed in a given place. And yet C# still requires you to explicitly list the type. Now that the Target-typed `new` expression proposal has been adopted into C# 9, such boilerplate code will no longer be necessary.

  • C# 9: Simplified Parameter Null Validation

    Simplified parameter null validation has been promoted to a C# 9 feature. This narrowly tailored feature reduces the amount of code needed to validate non-null parameters to a single character in the function signature.

  • C# 9: Partial Method Enhancements for Source Generators

    Source Generators in C# 9 will allow compiler-extensions to inspect code and then inject additional source code at compile-time. This injected code is then incorporated into the very same assembly that was being compiled. In order to facilitate this capability, Microsoft is removing most of the restrictions on Partial Methods.

  • Microsoft Announces a New Pricing Model Option for Azure Cosmos DB and More Capabilities

    During this year's digital Build event, Microsoft announced a new consumption-based pricing model for Azure Cosmos DB called 'serverless' that is ideal for spiky workloads and complements the existing provisioned throughput pricing model.

  • Microsoft Updates Azure Stack Hub with New Management Features, Container Support and More

    During this year's digital Build conference, Microsoft announced several new incremental updates to its private and hybrid computing offering Azure Stack Hub. The public cloud vendor will add various significant features on Azure Stack Hub in private previews such as an Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) Resource Provider, and Fleet Management.

  • C# 9: towards First Class Support for Scripting

    One of the defining characteristics of “scripting” languages is they don’t need any boilerplate. The very first line of a file can be the declarations and statements you would normally see inside a function. In the updated Top-level statements proposal, this capability is planned for C# 9.

  • Microsoft Build 2020: Highlights

    Last week Microsoft held the 10th edition of Build, its annual conference aimed at developers using Microsoft technologies. The online event included multiple important announcements and releases, such as the general availability of Blazor WebAssembly, updates on the upcoming .NET 5, Azure Static Web Apps, and new projects related to IoT and Artificial Intelligence.

  • OverOps for .NET: Tal Weiss Q&A

    In January, OverOps announced that it is expanding its support to the .NET ecosystem. OverOps is a continuous reliability platform that allows developers to analyze and optimize code at runtime. InfoQ interviewed Tal Weiss, co-founder, CEO, and CTO at OverOps, about how engineers can benefit from using OverOps and the future of automating the production debugging process for .NET.

  • With Project Reunion Microsoft is Attempting to Unify Win32 and UWP APIs

    At Build 2020, Microsoft announced Project Reunion with the aim of unifying app development across multiple Windows 10 versions and devices. The first three components of Project Reunion available to developers in preview are WinUI 3, WebView2 and MSIX (MSIX-Core).

  • Time is Running out on Silverlight

    In approximately 15 months from now, Silverlight will effectively cease to exist. On October 12, 2021, users will no longer be able to download the IE plugin needed to use applications created with it.

  • Fabulous Enables Building Declarative Cross-Platforms UIs for iOS and Android in F#

    In a recent Channel 9 show, F# designer and architect Don Syme and Fabulous maintainer Timothé Larivière introduced Fabulous, a community-driven F# framework aimed to build cross-platform mobile and desktop apps based on Xamarin.Forms.


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