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Book Review and Interview with Brian Wernham about Agile Project Management for Government by Ben Linders Posted on Jul 18, 2013 The book agile project management for government gives cases of agile in Ggvernmental organizations. Brian Wernham describes agile leadership behaviors, based upon the agile manifesto, and give guidance for adapting agile in governmental organizations. InfoQ did an interview with Brian about his book on agile leadership and how to apply practices from Scrum and DSDM in governmental projects. 2

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Agile Styles: Lean and DSDM by Mary Poppendieck Jean Tabaka Posted on Jul 12, 2007 This second Agile2006 Agile Styles video looks at DSDM and Lean. Jean Tabaka covered the history and principles of the venerable DSDM methodology, founded in 1994 and now accepted in the UK for use on government contracts. Mary Poppendieck gave real examples of how the 7 Lean principles provide competitive advantage, and discussed the relationship between quality, speedy delivery and low cost.