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  • InfoQ Interview: Hugh Ivory on DSDM's Public "Atern" Release

    DSDM has been called "the grandmother" of the agile methodologies, first released in 1995. Until recently it was only available to members but this year, for the first time, the DSDM Consortium made the "Atern" release available to the public. Director Hugh Ivory provided an overview at Agile2007, including a look at both old and new customer-facing roles in DSDM.

  • The Agile Alliance Takes an Official Position on Certification

    The discussions that have been happening in distributed pockets of the community regarding certification of Agile processes has prompted the Agile Alliance to take a stance. Their position is employers should have confidence only in certifications that are skill-based and difficult to achieve. That means that certifications such as Certified Scrum Master and DSDM Foundation do not pass muster.

  • Case Study: DSDM Bridges the Gap Between PRINCE 2 and XP

    PRINCE 2 is a traditional project management method, mandated for government agencies in the UK. Extreme Programming (XP) is considered one of the lightest Agile software development methods, relying on team self-management. In this case study, Barbara Roberts uses one of the more management-oriented Agile methods, DSDM, to get these two approaches working together within a single project.