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Development Follow 748 Followers Understanding Performance with DTrace: A Case Study by Adam Leventhal Follow 0 Followers Posted on Sep 14, 2016 Adam Leventhal introduces DTrace, using a case study to solve a performance problem. Note: contains strong language.

Followers Real-Time Java for Latency Critical Banking Applications by Bertrand Delsart Follow 0 Followers Posted on Oct 22, 2008 In this presentation from QCon London 2008, Bertrand Delsart discusses real-time (RT) computing requirements in banking, RT Java history, priority semantics, RT APIs, Determinism and NoHeapRealtimeThreads, RT Garbage Collection, soft vs. hard RT, deadline miss handlers, event-driven requests with deadlines, reducing context switches, and benefits of RT Java and the RT Garbage collector. 2

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Followers Book Review: DTrace: Dynamic Tracing in Oracle Solaris, Mac OS X and FreeBSD by Alex Blewitt Follow 4 Followers Posted on Aug 03, 2011 This book is written by Brendan Gregg and Jim Mauro, both expert users in DTrace and the Solaris Internals from Prentice Hall. It covers the key features of the DTrace environment, the D language that is used to write the scripts used to provide answers to questions regarding the performance of the system under question.

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Followers Ruby VM Roundup: 1.9.2 Gets DTrace Support, Rubinius 1.0 RC2 Adds Installers, IronRuby IDEs by Werner Schuster Follow 9 Followers Posted on Jan 16, 2010 2 Followers Monitoring Ruby by Werner Schuster Follow 9 Followers Posted on Dec 14, 2007 Followers Ruby on Mac OS X Leopard with DTrace, XCode and Interface Builder support by Werner Schuster Follow 9 Followers Posted on Oct 26, 2007
Followers Using Dtrace to Improve Rails Performance by Sam Aaron Follow 0 Followers Posted on Apr 29, 2007 1 Followers DTrace: Dynamic Tracing with a Java API by Rob Thornton Follow 0 Followers Posted on Nov 16, 2006 2