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Ruby VM Roundup: 1.9.2 Gets DTrace Support, Rubinius 1.0 RC2 Adds Installers, IronRuby IDEs

by Werner Schuster on  Jan 16, 2010 2

Rubinius 1.0RC2 adds binary installers, while Ruby 1.9.2 will get DTrace support. IronRuby moves closer to 1.0 and SharpDevelop 3.1 gains IronRuby support. Also: WEBRick users should consider upgrading to the latest versions of Ruby 1.8.x and 1.9.1 because of a recently discovered vulnerability.

Monitoring Ruby

by Werner Schuster on  Dec 14, 2007

Developing Ruby and RoR apps might be easy - but what to do when something goes wrong, the interpreter misbehaves or memory leaks spring up. We look at the current options for taking a peek inside Ruby applications.

Ruby on Mac OS X Leopard with DTrace, XCode and Interface Builder support

by Werner Schuster on  Oct 26, 2007

The newly released Mac OS X Leopard ships with the Ruby 1.8.6 and various Ruby libraries and tools installed. Leopard also includes DTrace probes for profiling Ruby, XCode and Interface Builder support and more.

Using Dtrace to Improve Rails Performance

by Sam Aaron on  Apr 29, 2007 1

InfoQ investigates how three companies recently collaborated to use DTrace, a powerful open source process introspection tool, to find and fix a substantial Rails latency issue.

DTrace: Dynamic Tracing with a Java API

by Rob Thornton on  Nov 16, 2006 2

DTrace is an open-source dynamic tracing framework originally written for Solaris 10 and coming soon to OS X, Linux and BSD systems. A Java API for DTrace is available, allowing you to run DTrace scripts and allowing you to present the output in a more meaningful way.