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Nokia Donates Mobile Runtime for Java Applications (JRT) to the Symbian Foundation Under EPL

by Charles Humble on  Jul 28, 2010

Nokia has re-licensed its Mobile Runtime for Java Applications (JRT) under the Eclipse Public License (EPL). The Symbian Platform, still by far the largest smartphone OS, was itself released under EPL in February.

Could eRCP become an OSGi standard?

by Alex Blewitt on  Apr 09, 2008 2

A post to the eRCP newsgroup over the weekend put forward a proposal of putting forward eRCP as an OSGi standard.

Bringing Eclipse RCP to Cellphones

by Rob Thornton on  Oct 17, 2006 3

The embedded Rich Client Platform (eRCP) for Eclipse has recently released version 1.0. eRCP provides many of the same features for J2ME environments that the RCP does for the desktop, including OSGI and extension points, a version of SWT called eSWT, and eUpdate to provide dynamic updates. eRCP attempts to solve some of J2ME's shortcomings.