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  • Catching up with Nuxeo: Switching from Python to Java

    by Charles Humble on  Aug 09, 2010 14

    Back in 2006 InfoQ covered a story about Nuxeo, an open source Enterprise Content Management (ECM) specialist company, who had announced that it was changing its core technology platform from Python to Java. Four years on we caught up with Eric Barroca, CEO at Nuxeo, to find out how that conversion went, and to explore their new technology stack and position in the ECM industry.

  • Introduction to JBoss Seam

    by Michael Yuan on  Dec 18, 2006 17

    JBoss Seam is a new full-stack web application framework that unifies and integrates Ajax, JSF, EJB3, Portlets, and BPM. This article is an editted excerpt of chapters 1 and 2 from the first (to-be-released) book on Seam by Michael Yuan and Thomas Heute. It explains what Seam can do and grounds the concepts with a HelloWorld example.

  • Grails + EJB Domain Models Step-by-Step

    by Jason Rudolph on  Aug 22, 2006 22

    Grails brings Ruby on Rails style productivity to the Java platform, built on the Groovy language and fully integrated with Java. This tutorial shows how to use Grails to quickly build a functional website around an existing EJB 3 entity bean domain model with very little code

EJB 3 Glossary

Posted by Oliver Ihns Stefan M. Heldt on  Jul 13, 2006

An essential glossary of new terms and concepts in EJB 3. Demystifies buzzwords like IoC, Configuration by Exception, POJO, POJI, Dependency Injection etc. 5

Casestudy: Brasilian National Healthcare System

Posted by Fabiane Nardon Floyd Marinescu on  May 12, 2006

A detailed look at the implementation and architecture behind 2M line of code, truly mission critical Java application. 11