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  • Announcing TypeScript 5.0 Beta

    Microsoft has released the TypeScript 5.0 beta version, which aims to simplify, speed up and reduce the size of TypeScript. The beta release incorporates new decorators standards that enable users to customize classes and their members in a reusable manner. It also allows developers to write cleaner and more maintainable code.

  • Java Enums to Be Enhanced with Sharper Type Support

    Java enums will be enhanced with generics support and with the ability to add methods to individual items, a new JEP shows. Since both features can be delivered with the same code change, they are bundled together in the same JEP. The change only affects the Java compiler, and therefore no runtime changes are needed. Although there is no target version, Java 10 seems likely.

  • Enums, Entity Framework And WCF Data Services

    Enumerations have been supported in Entity Framework 5 – however Enums are not yet supported in WCF Data Services, which means you still need to handle them explicitly when writing OData services.