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HashiCorp Improves Consul Service Mesh Integration with Kubernetes

by Matt Campbell Follow 2 Followers on  Nov 30, 2018

Hashicorp has released new features to better integrate Consul with Kubernetes. These features include support for installing Consul on Kubernetes using an official Helm Chart, autosycing of Kubernetes services with Consul, auto-join for external Consul agents to join a Kubernetes cluster, support for Envoy, and injectors so Pods can be secured with Connect.

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Istio v1.0 Service Mesh Released with Feature “Ready for Production Use”

by Daniel Bryant Follow 824 Followers on  Aug 01, 2018

At the Google Cloud Next 2018 event, the release of Istio 1.0 service was announced. Key new features include cross-cluster mesh support, fine-grained traffic flow control, and the ability to incrementally roll out mutual TLS across a mesh.

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QLoo Creates GraphQL Interface for Existing Services

by Thomas Betts Follow 54 Followers on  Jul 31, 2018 recently released QLoo , an API translation layer to provide GraphQL endpoints for existing services and serverless functions. QLoo is intended to simplify the process of adding GraphQL on top of existing software.

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Microsoft Releases Azure Service Fabric Mesh as a Public Preview

by Steef-Jan Wiggers Follow 10 Followers on  Jul 23, 2018

Service Fabric now has a relative in the cloud – Azure Service Fabric Mesh, a fully managed service in Azure that will enable developers to deploy and operate containerised applications. This service is now publicly in preview after its initial private preview debut during Build 2018 last May.

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QCon NY: Matt Klein on Lyft Embracing Service Mesh Architecture

by Srini Penchikala Follow 41 Followers on  Jul 03, 2018

Matt Klein from Lyft spoke at QCon New York 2018 Conference about Envoy service mesh architecture. Facing the operational difficulties with the initial microservice deployment, Lyft team migrated to using service mesh.

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Cilium 1.0.0-rc4 Released: Transparently Secure Container Network Connectivity Utilising Linux BPF

by Daniel Bryant Follow 824 Followers on  Mar 04, 2018

Cilium is open source software for transparently securing the network connectivity. Cilium 1.0.0-rc4 has recently been released, which includes: the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF)-hosted Envoy configured as the default HTTP/gRPC proxy; the addition of a simple health overview for connectivity and other errors; and an improved scalable kvstore interaction layer.

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CNCF Adds Security, Service Mesh and Tracing Projects: Docker Notary, Lyft Envoy and Uber Jaeger

by Daniel Bryant Follow 824 Followers on  Oct 30, 2017

The Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) has announced the addition of four new hosted projects over the past month: Docker’s Notary, The Update Framework (TUF), Lyft’s Envoy, and Uber’s Jaeger.